Thursday, November 8, 2012

8TH NaNoWriMo Novel In A Month episode for 11/8/12

So that's  how it went. Marty dropped hints. He said stuff. He whispered. Nobody else heard. Nobody else saw. He made 'eyes' at them. Hinted what it's like to have money...real money. And you know he keeps the heat up in there, 'cause it makes them 'bossies' sit longer. Gets cold at home. Heat costs money. Old man yells. He got a blanket. He got his beer. What he care? Wife don't wanna watch no ball game. She says so. Gets cursed. Tells her to go to hell and buy her own television set. So she runs out to where everybody knows her name and gets drunk on low ball gambling endorphins, plus a few salty, soft pretzels and a lot a coffee.

Jimmy makes the coffee when he's here. Likes it strong. Likes it 'Europe style.' 'Kava' they call it where he comes from. Thick, rich, black. And I don't know how his false teeth keep from getting stained from all that coffee. Maybe he paints 'em? Who the hell cares. But Marty cares. He's gettin' scared. Jimmy wants money. He wants real money. Trouble is, so does Mrs. Marty. So he gotta figure out which one gonna stick a knife in him first. Little Chrissie sees him. She sees him cry. Buys a steak sandwich. Don't finish it. That is very weird for him. Then he just crumples it up in the oily paper and throws it in the waste basket. She takes it out and knots it up in a plastic bag from the supermarket. You know, the rats and mice would smell it otherwise. And they work with enough rodents as it is. 

Big Chrissie gettin' crazy too. Mutters to herself. Drops quarters. Gives out too much change. Look at her. Face gettin all damp and greasy. That girl puttin' on weight. She look sloppy. OK, OK, OK, so she used to look just a little bit trashy. But trashy and sloppy are two different things. Yo, weren't they part a the seven dwarfs?

Jimmy took the title to Marty's car, a Lexus, a big one, seventy thousand dollars. He wanna sell it. And Marty gonna let him, 'cause he knoiw he owe Jimmy more than that. Tell Mrs. Marty it no good. Tell her he gettin' rid of it. . She say - What you gettin' instead?..... He say - A cancer..... She say - That's nice.

Little Chrissie finally take her boy to a doctor. He look him all over. Wanna sell her circumcision operation real cheap. Say look like baby gone need it. She say - Thanks, we'll think about it....... He say - You want him have pee-pee trouble?..... She say - Ain't got no pee-pee trouble now. What you talkin' 'bout?......... Doctor say - Nuthin'........ He know she not gonna go for it. Give her a permission a buy drug note. Tell her she gotta give girl in office a hundred and twenty five dollar...... Only he don't say it. Sign say it. Hundred and twenty five dollar price for them what ain't got no insurance. Lucky everything don't go that way, or nex' you gonna need I-wanna-buy-a-egg insurance. You know people gonna grab and rob less you tell 'em not to. That jus' the way world is..... But baby do get mostly all better. And grandma only gotta mush up wit' two lousy old bastids a pay for it. 'Mush up' like a glorified lap dance and she don't mind that too much. 

Ricky gotta get that roof fixed. Water go glub, glub. glub. He gotta bucket in back room to catch it. I not talkin' 'bout what percolate down through bathroom floor. I talkin' 'bout what come in through the roof. Gut say he patch it all up real nice. Only cost seven hundred dollars. Roofer and doctor mus' be cousin....

Marty take 'em back to the steak house. They feel funny, but they do like steak. You know how it is. Marty start talkin' 'bout Mussolini again. Say it nice that kids like them know 'bout history. Say mos' kid think 'IL DUCE' like some card in Puerto Rican deck or something...... They just look at him an' eat. Ricky got New York strip steak this time. Cost two dollar more than before. Little Chrissie got petite lobster tail on a side. Look like a crawfish what got o-beast to me, but she like it. Cost four dollar more than last time. Red table cloth still clean, though. That a good sign....

Then Marty say outta the blue - You know Jimmy know lot about history too. 'Specially European history. 'Specially 'bout the nineteen forties......... Ricky just say - Yeah? (he got his malf full)........ Marty say - Yeah, he know all about it?........ Little Chrissie go - How old that Jimmy?....... Marty go - He seventy one year old. He old enough. Bastid raised by God Damn fuckin' Nazi collaborator. A guard..some a death camp....... Ricky go - Whoa, which one, Auschwitz?..... Marty go - No, worse... Treblinka... the pervert son of a bitch.

Little Chrissie go - Lemme ask you something. If you're a Jew, how can you stand to work with him?........ Marty go - I'll tell you later. Remember, he not the uncle. He jus' the nephew. But he jus' like him. you should hear how he go when he get drunk. An', Chrissie, what? You think only Jew should have trouble puttin' up wit' that?..... She looks. She gets it. She got a baby. She know how it is.

Then Marty just break down and cry. No noise. Just put his face in his hands and cry. Couple in next booth look over. But Ricky cover up. He say - Man, some people get 'cryin drunks' like nothin'..... Couple look away. Then Marty pick his head up and sniff. Chrissie wipe some snot off wit' her red napkin. It polyester. It wash out real good. Two heartbeat later Marty laughin'. Waiter go buy. Marty say - 'scuse me, can we see the dessert menu?

They eat strawberry short cake. Pieces real big. Like wedding cake for midgets. It taste good, but night still 'funny'..... more funny than last....

Marty start whisperin' under his breath - Jimmy should die...Jimmy should die... Jimmy should die...... Ricky say he gotta shut up, 'cause lady in nex' booth lookin' again.....


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