Sunday, December 23, 2012


Bingo Boy will return tomorrow night, but the life-eaters I blog for are giving me fits. They hate surrendering the spotlight to standard issue mortals. You know how vain enchanted folk can be. We first mentioned the yearly REVELS back before the BINGO BOY arc started. Tomas, Sarah and the others plan to attend a regional convocation of their kind. Festivities are held throughout the world. Some frequent Venice, others positively dote on Calcutta. Strong, silent, visceral types gather in the great, Canadian North. 

Tomas has been to many over the years. Yet since the others are primarily new, they have not. So he plans to introduce them to their first taste of vampire excess in more or less familiar surroundings. By that, I mean a culturally western city. So far it's London. He still has brethren there from The Restoration. Accommodations are being prepared at a close-in country house owned by an old, reclusive gentry family with ties to all the best bloodlines in Sussex and Kent. They eschew titles. Nothing so 'showy' as that. But everyone knows who they are. Indeed, intelligent people fear them.

Are they in the least bit 'vampirido'?...No, although one or two in each generation become quite adept  at 'remote molecular manipulation,' the modern term for magic. Annie can't wait. The little vampire hellion's seen all the Harry Potters ten times over. She's already demonstrated some kinetic capabilities and trills at the prospect of widening her repertoire.

Doctor Franklin wants to join them. Well, you know he travels in the best circles. Vampires are but one variety of his exotic friends. Have I told you of his sojourn with The Hindu Immortals?... Excuse me, but I've said too much. Forget I mentioned that. If you'd like to know more about the venerable scientist, just GOOGLE Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz, Doctor Franklin.... It should all be there.

The 'elferinos' and 'elferinas' aren't going. They love Philadelphia in winter and haunt the cobbled byways like the sweet, 'young' wraiths they are.

Of course you remember ours is a rather moral crowd? 'Cull the wicked. Preserve the worthy' and all that. They do not kill indiscriminately. They just don't. Yes, there have been occasional digressions, but those are rare and cause much guilt. 

So does shopping..... Oh, these 'people' in no way lack for money. Still, they do have certain principles. Tithing is real big with them and many a congregation along the Judeo-Christian-Islamic railroad owes its existence to their largess. Yet Tomas (our '18 year old' Andalucian, Sephardic hero) will have his leather bootkins, his trim, dark suits, plus an occasional assortment of tattoos. You know, tattoos don't last on vampire skin. They tend to shed them every few months, usually on the solstices and the equinoxes. 

Sarah hungers for niceties too. At first she was discrete, a fine soft cashmere here, a glittering bauble there. Though lately she's become more 'artistic.'  Various boutiques scattered around Center City (the original, old core of Philadelphia, analogous to Nueva York's Manhattan) arrange private, after midnight showings. She's still rather conservative, Ralph Lauren and all that. But the look suits her and she knows it. 

And you know what? They're taking me too. Some vampirinos and vampirinas do take their human familiars, but this will be my first time, as I've only been with them a little more than two years. Perhaps I'll learn a bit of magic too. Edith, our Jersey, Piney 'seer,' says I do show a bit of the 'far eye' (remote vision, telepathy), so we'll see.

Eng-a-land swing, like a pendulum do..... And soon it's gonna swing a little more.

THE REVELS!!... THE REVELS!!... I can't believe it.

Just wait. Be patient. Give us a couple weeks. We'll be back. You'll see. BINGO BOY returns tomorrow. But I thought you'd like to know...

And just in case you're interested, wanna see what the Chicago contingent is up to? They got a really cool 'frontman.'  Look for him here ALEXIOS .

As always, we only pretend this is fiction. But you already knew that. 

May THE SEASON OF MIRACLES shine bright for you and yours~~~~ Billy (me) ...the one who blogs all this...


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