Thursday, January 10, 2013

57TH BINGO BOY episode 1/11/13

Bingo Boy - post 57

Too-Many-Cookies sees everything. She's always either looking out the window, or dragging that little shit machine of hers all over the street. They ought to give her a P.H.D. in 'how to peek through curtains without getting caught'? I bet there's a college that would do it. Come on. For money? There has to be. What do you think? So you know she saw that limo take Little Chrissie and Ricky and the Baby away. And you know she scribbled down the license plate number. She's got an old pair of binoculars. Not really binoculars, more like opera glasses. You know those little ones, the kind you can snap shut into their own rectangular case? Think her mother boosted 'em from a show somewhere. 

So she calls Muscles. Got his cell phone number and everything. Says it's something big. Says she gotta talk to him. He says - What?.... She giggles. Well, you know she got the hots for him. He knows too. Used to rub her back and make like he didn't realize he's ticklin' her butt when she played bingo and all. Man is he an expert bingo-gigolo. 'Too' used to buy him shirts and give him tips and get him presents and everything. Now she has to see him. Wants a meet at the Red Robin Diner up on the nice part a Frankford Avenue, away from all the 'el' tracks. Mary, her mother (another 'case' if ever there was one) drove her up there, 'cause the don't want nobody on the street seein' her get into Muscle's car. That way, if he don't come, she can still get herself a nice stack a buttermilks and a good piece a grilled ham..... Boy, could I go for that. Too bad I'm just one a them disembodied, ghost-spirit narrators. Now I gotta eat ghost-ham. Some a the bastids 'round here like it, but I think it tastes like Weight Watchers crap.

But Muscles did come. He did show up. She sees him park the car and quick yanks the pig scraps out from between her teeth. You know it's been warm around here lately, like fifty or fifty five degrees. So he got this cool jacket on with the collar turned up and his blue jeans and all. Think he got new sneaks too. God knows where the money came from, less he cleaned the old ones with some a that sneaker shampoo shit.. 'Too' smiles when he walks in. Watches him walk down the aisle and all. Waitress eyes him too, but I think she knows him from the cop days. Maybe they used a mush up together. I don't know. But he used to come in for coconut-custard pie and coffee on a regular basis.

Too says - You want something to eat? My treat..... He gives her his best street corner shrug, like he don't care, or he don't know if he cares. But the waitress thinks he's noddin' to her, so she comes runnin' over anyway.... Muscles goes - Lemme have a ham and cheese omelet.... Waitress goes - Drink?.... He says - Coffee... She goes - Peh-tay-dehs?.... He says - Home fries..... She goes - Bread?.... He says - Whole wheat toast..... You know ex-cops like to stay in shape and all.....

Five minutes later they tuck into a good, diner style breakfast. Then he belches a little... like a quiet one. You could see it, more than actually hear it... 'Too' says - God bless you.... But he just goes on eatin'. She says - I got the license number from the car, from the limo 'he' sent for 'em..... He looks up. That's how he says 'yeah?'... So she takes out the paper (got it stuffed down her meaty cleavage.... you know she rehearsed that part) and gives it to him..... He reads it, nods and stuffs it in his shirt pocket....... 'Too' says - So, does it help you any?..... Muscles goes - Could be.....

But he knows. He knows he can trace it... find the company... find the driver.... find the pick-up point (and he already knows that)... find the drop-off point.... That's what he really wants. Bet it takes him fifteen minutes..... He got friends still 'servin'.' Cops got computers what can key into anything.

So our happy, little family down the shore ain't hid so good no more.

Eh... what can you do?....



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