Wednesday, February 6, 2013


There was a certain frisson in the air. Not that things were ever calm or ordinary in the castle, but this was worse than usual. Night birds fell from the sky and rats chased their tails, like dogs. Certain not-quite-catatonic functionaries chuckled to each other and pulled pranks. They lured a pathetic, trembling, fat man from amongst the hopeless ranks in the cattle-people dungeon up to the kitchens, where they stuffed him with Kraft Macaroni & Cheese plus about three cans of Chicken of the Sea, solid white albacore.  So what if it was all mixed together in a huge, stainless steel bowl. Do you think he cared?

Then, when he was about to burst, they offered him more. But in a quiet voice, whether natural, or because he was fighting back a fart, he said no. Although he did take two little cans of V-8 vegetable juice.

Functionaries and cattle-people seem to get along so well. Both are kept in their natural state, abate the functionaries are mostly local, while the cattle-people stem from many places. Eastern Europe is just their point of embarkation. 

But the au natural servants had a cruel streak. And they giggled through thin, blue lips with glee, as they tickled the bloated gentleman up off his buttocks and deftly lowered him (feet first) into a recently un-crated ACME wood chipping machine. King 'Rafe,' ever the indulgent master, spoils them so. Some of them have Barbie collections, little, suburban, North American, stringy-haired, white girls would die for... and I believe a few did.

Yes there was some splatter. And true, there was some blood. Did he shriek and scream? What do you think? But that wood-chipper worked fast and soon, even the echos were gone. Though a huge mound of bone meal enriched, freshly, ground 'pork' was a big hit when served to the mortals that night.

And the pixilated insanity was everywhere. For a thin, little vampirina, squeezed out from her cosseted sleep chamber and crawled down an almost endless antique, Aubuson runner. But spear-like shafts of sunlight sneaking in through nooks and crannies, found her and soon she began to burn, a writhing, trembling, greasy lump, lost in the immensity of the long dim, quiet passage. 

When it was over, functionaries appeared to clean up the mess. And the mortals playing bingo in the armory never heard. 'King' Rafe always has great prizes. You know how crazy humans can get for a free Rolex, or a pair of ear studs.

But itchy tendrils of madness crept everywhere. Tomas convulsed as he slept. Sarah tried to comfort him, whispering re-assurance and pressing her body hard against his, under cold, wet, clammy sheets.

Later, in the dark-time, he'd fight.....


please nominate me for a SHORTY AWARD. tweet this ~~> I nominate @wilkravitz for a SHORTY AWARD as #BLOGGER based on his stories and narratives....... Thank you... I had to reassemble this from memory (it was originally longer and, uh, better..... yeah, it was better) because my pc went crazy, freezing up, refusing to move off the page, running thin, pink, 'error' warnings and laughing like a maniacal killer...... Once again, thank you for understanding..... Now please excuse me, as I chew on a chocolate graham cracker and attempt to down a glass of iced tea...  

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