Thursday, February 14, 2013

Some Vampires are Such Show Offs ..THE VAMPIRE REVELS 2/15/13

The next night was BLOOD DONATION night. That's when the 'noble' vampires fill little glass vials with tiny droplets of their blood for medicinal use and all that. We donate crates of it to Doctors Without Borders and a whole lot a groups. One year they tried using plastic vials, but it did something to the blood and people started getting diarrhea and itchin' and all, so the various governments made us stop. 

Everybody lines up in the great hall. Registered nurses do it...mortal registered nurses. They make these little nicks in our necks and it goes BOOP!... just like a little fountain, right into one a them kidney-shaped, stainless steel bowls. Tomas gave. Sarah gave. Baylah gave. Even little Annie gave. If I had to guess. I'd say about half, maybe a little more than half gave. 

The 'noxious' vampires just stood around smirking and giving us 'the finger.' They smoke cigarettes in long shiny, ebony holders. They grope each other and some of the mortals too. Sarah doesn't like them. Annie thinks they're cool.  They torture the cattle-people. Sometimes the screams travel all the way up from the dungeons. They don't even bother drugging them after the first few days. Like Planet of The Apes, where the apes hunt the humans and take pictures with them, but worse. 

And the 'free' mortals here as associates or guests don't say anything. Baylah says - What are they gonna say? What can they do?... Still, some of those bastards carry it too far. And the mortals do remember. Every once in a while, after THE REVELS, some 'noxious' colony gets it. They got these little robots. You'd never see them. Like drones. Like land drones, although some of them can fly too. Go in anywhere. Never stop. Never get tired. Just do their job. And they find them. They always find them. Come on, how are life-eaters supposed to win? We can't go out in the daytime, for Christ's sake! Yes we have (or are supposed to have) remarkable talents and abilities... a lot of them. They know we can sublimate through them and shred them to bits. Where do you think the micro-fiber lead suits came from? Humans learn. Mortals learn. We might get a few now and then, but they're not dumb. Come on. 

Do you want to know why mortals tolerate the 'noxious?' Because they like to kill. Governments use them. Hidden operatives use them. Globe-spanning business interests use them. And no bodies. That's the best part. Blue flame. Minor, greasy residue, clean it up... All gone. Nobody comes forward. Nobody takes credit. It's perfect. 

I hate the 'noxious.' I hate their sly, judgmental faces. Neanderthal vampires hate them too. It's like an instinctive thing with them.... the noble savage and all that. No Neanderthals here at this convocation. Got them up in Lapland, though and somewhere passed the Urals. ... OH! And you want to see something? You should see what they have in Brazil...Venezuela too.... real 'live' razor-fanged chupicabras. All human. All human, originally anyway. No reptiles. nothing like that. You know what Gollum is like in Lord of The Rings? Well, that's what they're like. That's what they are. Don't know where they came from...but they got 'em now.

You see, it's not the vampires who are special. It's the magic inside them that is. Some of it's outside them too. I don't know where it starts. I don't know where it stops. It's just 'The Magic.'  But it's real and it's out there and it's powerful.

Doctor Franklin knows about it. His Great Armonica taps into it. Edith says it oozes up out of the mud in The Pine Barrens.. She says she got it in her through the soles of her feet.

Tomas doesn't know why he came here. Says he knew it would be like this. His old friends from London never showed up. Only two hundred miles away and they never came. Maybe he just wanted the others to see. Not Baylah. She's old enough. She knows too. But Sarah didn't. And Annie didn't. And now they do...

Beauty is what beauty does.... And magic too.... And especially the vampires who bear it.

Maybe they'll stop over in London for a few nights on the way back? Tomas would like to see a few people. He's sentimental that way...

But then you already knew that. 

Know what he did? He bought a few of the cattle-people.. Paid for their release. Oh, the 'noxious' vampires were up in arms. Mumbling... yelling curses, calling him a 'Jew bastard' and all. Not all of them. Just a few. But still, he heard it. Though he doesn't care. They saw what he did to Sir Richard. Plus, a few of the other 'nobles' stood by him. He liked that...That made him feel real good.

Gave each of the pathetic, ransomed people ten thousand dollars, some clothes... other stuff too. His Philadelphia financial 'familiars' have contacts. They know people here. It wasn't hard..

'King' Rafe is starting to get all slow and dreamy-eyed. Think he wants the quiet, dark, 'haunted' castle again. Wants to drift around up through the rafters, float all over the place. 'The Man on The Moors'...that's what they call him around here. And he likes it.

Not that something 'weird' still can't happen. These 'REVELS' will probably drag on another night or two...another Stompanada... a few more meetings.... but that's it...

The party's over.....

So go ahead. Find somebody. Become a vampire if you want..... We get comments from 'newborns.' We know.

But remember, we only pretend this is fiction... And I've already told you more than I should. And I'm not gonna tell you who I am.

So that's it. Go home.

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