Sunday, February 10, 2013


They have a chapel here. I told you, some vampires are still quite religious. It's a fairly neutral space with a slate floor and rough plaster walls. You can fit it out for the communion of your choice. Cabinets hold all the proper amenities. 

Tomas reverently brought out the Bible, a Masoretic text prepared by the scribes of old Susa, a holy city of the Parthians. He laid it on he table, a large, heavy, rectangular late Roman affair, and opened to a certain meaningful passage... The Divine Promise... The Lord's words to the faithful upon the morn of the Redemption. And he read ~ I have blotted out as a thick cloud thy transgressions, and as a mist thy sins... Oh, Israel, that art saved by The Lord with an EVERLASTING SALVATION, ye shall not be ashamed nor confused, WORLD WITHOUT END...

Then he prayed silently and went out to meet his fate. Sarah walked with him. The passageways were empty, for most of the beings temporarily sheltered within were already up there, arranged along the perimeter of the roof and waiting for the battle.

They've had them before. A REVELS without confrontations is rare. Most night-folk do have a reverent side. All but the most noxious feel such things. For how is it possible to be what they are and doubt the existence of the divine?  Even Annie was up there, right by Baylah and the two mortal retainers. And even her friend, Larry, was silent. 

Tomas, known as Jonathon, ascended the narrow stairs and pushed open the copper door. He stepped out upon the wide, stone roof, unusual for a castle of such antiquity, but much was unusual with this place. All the vampires were there. Every one wore black. Most in the long, lose cassock of the life-eater penitent.... even Sarah. Sir Richard was there too, attended by his toadies. Some vampires can be so disgusting. They whispered in his ears and gave him blood to drink from their own wrists. 'King' Rafe, hovering over it all, asked Tomas if he wanted the same. Sarah looked up. She was new and unused to such things. She pushed back her long, lose sleeve and made the gesture. But he said 'No,' and kissed her. 

The sky was clear and diamond-bright. Even Andromeda looked down. No cloud... no errant tendril hid the moon, perched in a blue-black sky. And the thin, cold light from her placid face bathed all in a sepulchral gloom. 

'King' Rafe began. He said one word - Attend!.... And everyone did. Then he said the prayer, the oldest prayer in night-folk lexicon... 'May He Who made the universe, make us forever one.'....... That was an ideal. That's how it 's supposed to be. But all heads bowed in unison. .... Then he motioned toward the combatants, beckoning them to step forward and take their place there in the center of the wide expanse. And they did. Tongueless functionaries stepped up to take the robes, leaving them bare and ready for the fight...... Was it cold? Of course. Night-folk feel that, but it doesn't effect their bodies. Vampires are free of such things. In fact, at times, the ice cold air feels good.

So they appraised each other. Eyes narrowed and jaws hardened, as bodies began to change. One by one, small vertebrae telescoped out from what was left of the vestigial tailbone, til each had a long and whip-like, sleek appendage writhing and coiling 'round their legs, tipped with a sharp, keen barb. Nails grew into claws. Lips pulled back in a snarl, revealing cat-like fangs amidst small, sharp teeth. No werewolves these, for the primate line stems from feline roots, primitive felines, to be sure, not so far from simple bug eaters, but cat-like, just the same.

They slowly began to circle, angling for position, silent and white in the night. Some ravens flew passed and looked down, but then they recognized the scene for what it was and quickly disappeared into the blackness.

Sir Richard looked paunchy, but not without strength, like a country club braggart in tight tennis whites to make his arms and thighs look good. While Tomas, also known as Jonathon, resembled his namesake's companion, for he had the form of David.

Then a tail flashed out. Tomas' cheek was cut. But he responded in kind, taking out an eye. And Richard smiled evilly, as blood dripped down his face. Oh, but he was stunned. You could see it. The game was on. Tomas dropped to all fours and leapt through the night with panther-like grace. But his nemesis  parried, avoiding the blow, so he came down hard upon the stones. Then the circling began anew, as the crowd began to cheer. Were they supposed to? Of course not, but they did. The humanness of these creatures was there, just below the surface. And so they screamed like fiends......

'King' Rafe giggled like a child and clapped his hands. Sarah moved toward her 'family,' seeking the comfort of her band. Baylah embraced her. Edith stood close. And even Annie stood quietly, with wide, blinking eyes, watching the carnage begin...

No disembodied spirit speaks tonight. I saw it all. The words are mine..... wilkravitz, scrivener to Tomas de Macabea... also known as Jonathon...

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