Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tomas and Francis Talk,, walking in Wimbeldon 2/28/13

There are little parks and little lanes where no one goes at night. At least not that late. But the vampires walked there. Francis and Miranda and Tomas savored the clean, damp air. It was quiet. They were alone, save for an occasional rabbit, or some other hedgerow creature. And for the longest time no one said anything. But then Francis began to speak.

He whispered - What do you think? Do I still have 'the touch?'... Tomas thought for a moment. He stopped and said - You do... Francis said - What, and that's all?... Tomas looked down. He didn't know what to say. He just wanted to walk. He just wanted to think. He just wanted to see his old friends. But three hundred years is a long time, even by night-folk reckoning and his feelings were very much changed..... Miranda sensed it. Francis probably did too.... She whispered - Why must you be like that? Can't we just walk? Why must you be so particular about things. You had your night. You had your fun. The 'Spaniard' (his name for Tomas) was there. He saw you do it. And I saw how he watched. For a time he fell under your spell. Can't you keep your mouth shut?! Isn't that enough?

Francis looked hurt. But he was so good at aping 'human' emotion. He said - Tomas, are you offended?... And his eyes really did look concerned. Indeed, his theatrical aplomb was one of his charms. Shakespeare knew it and for that reason made him Hamlet's father's ghost, plus Oberon on two or three occasions. How he relished such mummery, for is that not what night-folk do each night, progressing through the lives of men like wolves among the sheep. A dusty fleece thrown 'cross the back can only hide so much. But Francis didn't care. Mortals were as pawns to him and London but the board.

They turned a corner and came out upon a pretty street of shuttered stores. Miranda studied her image in the small panes of a gift shop. Her two friends took seats on a little bench meant for tired shoppers, or old bones watching the passing scene. Francis reached out and playfully jabbed Tomas in the ribs...... Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy-boy - he said. Still pining for sainthood. Let me see those teeth. Come on. Give us a smile. Show us what you can do. Come on. Come on..... And he mussed the long black curls...... For an instant Tomas flinched and pulled back. He thrust his hands down into his coat pockets and feigned indifference. But Francis made 'eyes' at him and went tsk-tsk-tsk. Then he jabbed him and smiled once again...  But nothing. Miranda studied lacquer ware, while Tomas watched the moon.

Francis said - Am I that disgusting? Are my games so disappointing? I thought this night would be but a respite, away from that 'blue nose' who once ruled all Rome. But I was wrong. Go back to that house. Run, run back to Hoxton Street and learn the mysteries that serve no good.

Tomas quietly said - Do you know them?..... Francis shrugged... Miranda snickered. And 'The Spaniard' went on - For me the deed is not a 'play.' I gain the death another way..... Francis rolled his eyes and said - Ooh! A poet! Good night, Ruby Tuesday. Who could lay a name on you?! There! I know one too! .... And he stuck  out his bright red tongue. Then he levitated up into the nighttime air for approximately three or four cubits and pivoted 'round a street lamp, much as Gene Kelly did in 'Singing In The Rain.' I suppose to display his own magical prowess. But Tomas was not impressed. 

Miranda said - Lets go home. So they walked 'round the corner, heading back toward the car. Tomas said - Please forgive me, brother. I do not mean to judge. But the monthly meal is sacred to me. I make not sport, but say the name and name the sin... and then I take the blood.... How else could I do it? I... meant to study Scripture and praise The Name of God........ Francis exhaled and whispered -  And do you still believe it?.......... Tomas nodded and said - I've played this scene before and the end remains the same...

After a bit they approached the car and got in. Miranda drove back to the 'magic' house. And Tomas knew the truth was deep inside him. No outside force could change it. 

Hoxton Street was interesting. The 'Golden Dawn' intriguing.

But soon they'd return to the town house in Philadelphia...

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