Monday, March 25, 2013


The young woman froze, as still as any figure in the sculpture galleries. Perhaps there was a microscopic tremor..... Perhaps... but then it passed. And Tomas called Jonathon slowly walked around the woman, breathing in her aura. He knew her name. He knew her age. He knew everything. She was alone and in pain. 

He said - I have come to redeem you. I have come to bring you back...... She raised her gaze and looked into his eyes. And Jonathon let her see his essence. She saw the 'magic,' if that's the right term. She knew him to be more than human. But she didn't say a word. He led her to the broad, marble stair leading up toward the goddess, rising up toward the Diana statue and gestured. She sat down on the first step. The vampire sat beside her. And she cried. No sobbing. No hiccups. Just tears rolling down her cheeks. And he knew. She killed someone... a woman... a boss... a tormentor... ending her agony with a knife. No more humiliating, facile, groundless lectures in the lunchroom. No more hurtful evaluations meant to satisfy a quota. She always got the 'cases.'........ tourette syndrome kids... vicious, bigoted haters..... fetal alcohol babies..... red hot angry time bombs. All the other 'educators' were safe. They had too much seniority. They had husbands... lawyer husbands.... BIG lawyer husbands..... They had money. Teaching was the wife's job. And 'hubby' wasn't gonna let her lose.... not to some jumped up virago like this one.  Trouble was, the virago knew it, so she set her sights on a more vulnerable target. She tortured Louise. That's an old fashioned name. But she wasn't from around here. Louise came from West Virginia... little place near Morgantown. Kids were kids. They said 'Yes, ma'am,' and ' May I have a cookie, please?'..... Nobody told the teacher they were gonna pinch her God damned titties, or stick a Popeye the Sailor Pez dispenser up her ass. Nobody smeared their used tampon all over some Erkle kid's face. They did not do that stuff. 

The virago didn't care. All she wants is good test papers.... standardized tests.... state-wide tests.... color in the black dot tests.... erase and make it right tests..... cheat, if you have to tests...

Louise cried everyday. Used Zantac like a condiment, or something. And she had no money. And she had no friends... no powerful friends. One day she goes to a health fair.... Gets screened... Takes a lot a tests. Somebody say she got a little bit a cancer. And she's afraid to use her work coverage, because they're getting ready to fire her...... Can you imagine them jumping all over a physician, somebody who works with the sickest of the sick, 'cause he ain't made them all athletes yet? ... I don't think so.

One day after the 'kids' almost gave her a stroke and she practically peed herself 'cause the afternoon aide never came'round for her break, she walked out of the building and got on a bus. Rode all the way into 'town.' Rode all the way into Center City. Head hurt real bad. Back hurt real bad. She knew how sick she was. Took her money out of the bank.... Not much, like twelve hundred dollars, and got a hotel room...special rate, one fifty a night, down from three. Figured she'd stay two nights... eat s steak... walk around.... duck in some place (like a chapel) for a prayer... and then kill herself. But that night, after an exquisitely savory Chinese dinner (maybe she'll persevere for three or four nights?), she's laying in her big, pillow-topped mattress bed watching some window size, flat screen TV. Sees a story on FOX 29 News, 'bout a virago... her virago, who went 'guhk' and died right in the middle of an after school conference with some cigarette stinkin', loud-mouthed, big bellied, juvvie-hall wannabe kid's mama. TV lady say peanut residue done it. Some viragoes  are very allergic to that shit. They havin' a 'vestigation and everything, 'cause it look like an intentional poisoning....... 

That's when Louise remembers... She used the jelly knife for the peanut butter. Wiped it off a little. Ain't no time to wash it, 'cause the lunch-is-over, hold-your-pee, come out and get your maniacs bell just rang. And sometime she think they might keep her. So she runs out to the blood stained, scrapped skin covered, concrete expanse to round up her feral charges. Forgot what she did with the knife. Forgot she leave it on top a the peanut butter jar... And the rest a the afternoon is a hell-hole madhouse. One 'kid' even dumped in the corner. And this supposed to be a quiet, suburban school. But truth is, just 'cause it's out of the city don't mean it's suburban. Sometimes it's something else. 

Virago run in. Starts ripping her a new one right in front of the 'kids.' Threatens to write up some kind a form. Tell her she better get a lawyer. Then she run out to help a lady friend teacher of hers who got the exact same kind a class down the hall.  That's how she does it 'round here.

Louise knows what's gonna happen. That's why she winds up in Center City. But now the witch is dead and she done played Dorothy.

Little later she walk out for a cafe latte. Even them what about to die got their cravings. But a Gypsy lady point a finger at her and say she ain't gonna die. Also tell her she better not go home, 'cause cops is lookin' for her. You know killin' somebody wit' a misplaced, peanut smeared butter knife a crime 'round here. So she dye her hair, buy a few outfits, stuff em in a big handbag thing and hide 'round the city. Two nights later she find the art museum. It's big. It's dark. It's filled with hidey-holes. Yeah, they got cameras and all, but they been shootin' ghosts for years. So how they gone know?

Now she got Jonathon, also known as Tomas, kissing her. Bit his lip a little so he can force some blood in it...her mouth, I mean.  'Cause she really was sick... And she really would a died. But now that Jonathon kissed her, she won't.

I do not know how he 'spects to utilize her abilities (whatever they may be), but now she 'it.' She the first one...

And she gonna help him save the world...

(more tomorrow)
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