Thursday, April 25, 2013


They sat in the kitchen playing cards and watching the Hoda and Kathie Lee 2am rerun. That's like a tradition. Edith served some kind of tea. Even vampires can drink that. Little fresh bakes biscotti were for the mortal. Not a big party. Just four of them. Doctor Franklin was there. He doesn't go out much, but sometimes he does. Baylah shuffled the cards. You can tell she's a vampire. She does it with such finesse. Very crisp. So precise. Conrad blew on his tea. He's that kind of vampire. Sure he's new. But I think he's always gonna be that way. What can they do? He's their's and they love him. 

Edith said - That woman came back. She wants to mush up with a vampire...... You can say 'sex' my good woman - chortled the Doctor. We had it in the eighteenth century too, you know. Quite a lot of petticoats to get through, but that only added to the fun.... For any newcomers out there, he is not a vampire, just artificially kept alive via his extensive manipulation of harmonics. Sometimes his teeth vibrate. You might think it's the refrigerator, but it's not. 

Edith added - She has a lot of money. Was a follower, of Jonathon's, I mean, since the beginning... Says she'll donate a lot (gets sad and wistful). He would like that....... Look, Jonathon isn't dead. We can feel him. You can feel him. He's out there. We just don't know where. OK?..... Edith nods. Doctor Franklin tells of some communications he's had with the merfolk, but nobody's listening, so he shrugs and breaks off a piece of biscotti. Conrad says - Who's she wanna have sex with?..... Not you - says Edith. She wants Jonathon, but he'd never do it. Not now. Not when he's in 'Biblical mode.'....... No, I understand - said Conrad... I understand.... But Baylah started to laugh. She knew he wanted to do it. 

I am the ghost from the basement... the boy who died in an iron lung. Polio, you know. Haven't narrated in a while, but tonight you got me. So, hi, how you doin'? Baylah's been out with the dogs... the special ones... the vampire hunters. But they ain't found nothin', 'cept a whole lot a empty cans a Dinty Moore beef stew in a dumpster 'round here. Guy from the restaurant had a fit. Told her he'd call the cops. So she told him to go to hell and die. I like when vampirinas curse, 'specially hot ones like Baylah.

Conrad was thinking. He wants the game to be over. Think they're playing pinochle. Did I spell it right? Wants Doctor Franklin to go home. Wants a sneak out and find that sex woman before it gets light. He knows about her. Ain't wearin' no Dockers tonight. Did you notice? Got on new jeans. Bought 'em on South Street in one of them cutting edge boutiques. What the hell they gonna do with dungarees? Make 'em tight? Make 'em loose? Who's edge gettin' cut anyway? 

Out of town vampires went to 'Lantic City tonight. Baylah's mortal boyfriend, the rich one, fixed it up for them. Gonna wait out the sunlight in a real nice beach house just down the coast in Margate. Neighbors won't know. Bunch a rich,drunk gamblers... That's what they'll think.

Conrad's getting antsy. Say's he needs air. That's a lie. Oxygen don't do nothin' for them. But it still feels good. So they all say 'OK,' and let him go. wilkravitz plays his hand. He once came in third at a pinochle tournament at Penn State. He likes this. Lucky I'm a ghost with psycho-kinetic powers. I can press the keys myself. Let him play cards. I don't care. I like this. 

Five minutes later, Conrad zips 'round the corner. Got a new leather jacket and everything. He be makin' a move. This a big thing to him. Not every vampire slick, you know. It's all quiet. Society Hill's real quiet. Just a mess a red brick townhouses, matching sidewalks, pretty little curb trees and more authentic gee-gaws (my mom was Southern) than  a pre-Revolutionary whore house. Doctor Franklin knows. Then he pulls out his cell phone. Taps in a number. Gets it off a little piece a paper ripped from a Burger King coupon book. Don't trust his memory. A vampire who don't trust his memory. Can you imagine that? Whispers something. Then says - Yeah, yeah, yeah.... Hangs up. Paces back and forth. He don't make a sound, though. Vampires are silent when they walk..... completely silent. 

Eight minutes later a car pulls up... electric job... No noise... no nothing. Conrad goes over and gets in. They glide away. That lady with the money gonna get her wish.... sort of. But look how still it got now. Like a stage set. Like a nice little stage set, all cozy and cobbled. Betsy Ross comes by every once in a while. But she one a them stuck up ghosts. Never says 'boo' to me.... I gone back to the house. Gattaca on Antenna TV. I wanna see it... dying in an iron lung and all

     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +     +

While .92 miles away, Jonathon rests suspended in darkness, as the unbelievably elongated needles piercing his body lock him in place. He runs his tongue against the inside of his cheeks. Never have they been so dry and thin. The blood is all but gone... And even the dreams are through.
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