Monday, May 6, 2013


Jonathon quietly walked into the small room under the bank building. A handful of people were already there. Some conversed. A few ate semi-stale peanut butter crackers from the machine. One thin, young man pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose. I think he had a sinus infection. 

The vampirino brought donuts. He had two boxes from a nice little bakery on Thirteenth Street. They smelled real good. He gestured and one of the young woman took them from him. She put them on the table at the back for later. The sinus guy said - Thank God. Where were you?..... Jonathon sighed and said -  I was all tied up. A lot of things were going on. I was on pins and needles...... A girl sucking peanut butter crackers off her teeth asked - You still a vampire?..... Jonathon said - Of course. Why do you ask?..... She just shrugged and made loud, juicy noises with her tongue...... Everyone was silent. Then he began to talk. 

What we face today is indifference. People are tired, numb and disconnected. - he said..... They want calm, comfortable conformity. and that's what we've given them. Mussolini made the trains run on time. We, and I mean night-folk, made the streets safe at night. I suppose that is still something...... Some guy raised his hand. Jonathon said - Yes?.... The guy said - My friend is a guard at the old Eastern State Penitentiary. You know, where they're keeping all the street criminals?..... Then he stopped. You know the type. Likes when people say - Yeah?....But Jonathon didn't do that. He knew what was coming next. So he just exhaled and said - I know. I know. They're getting ready to release them. Not all but most. The A.C.L.U.. And I know they mean well, but, he laughed, where were they during The Crusades or The Inquisition?.... And then he chuckled some more....... The girl who put down the donuts said - So what are we supposed to do?...... Jonathon answered - Our best. I think it's going to come down to money. You know, we tried this before on a smaller scale. Most of you know. Our Lady of The Olive Garden and what I did at Temple Rodeph Shalom on North Broad Street. They said it was mass hysteria and sewer gas..... Another guy, in one of those olive green, hip-length army jackets, like hippie kids used to wear in the sixties and seventies said - I know you know it's in other cities too. It's not just here. They said it was like an expanded flash mob. That's what they said.  Set up fake social media sites, with thousands of bogus posts, trying to make it look true.... And people believe it. Cops went into all them Seven Eleven stores selling 'toy' drugs at the checkout. Blamed it on that too..... A girl said - I heard it was rancid tattoo ink..... Some people shook their heads in disbelief. 

Jonathon said - Do you want me to end this?..... The guy in the olive green jacket said - No..... Most of the rest were quiet. They looked at their hands, or at the donuts. But they weren't bad people. They just didn't know what to do...... Jonathon said - Money changes everything. Cindy Lauper was a prophet. Well, she didn't make it up, buy you know.  So I'm going to help the poor. Not openly. Oh God, no, not openly. They'd kill me for real....... Somebody said - I thought you couldn't die?.... Somebody else said - Oh, can't you just shut up?..... Jonathon said - You're going to see some places, like expanded, better Good Will Stores. But with new merchandise, all new merchandise. Kind of like smaller Targets, or Kmarts, with coffee shops and everything.  You know each one can employ fifty people or more. Look at me. I'm an economist now.... And he quickly said something in Vahmperigo. But nobody knew what he meant. Turns out a vampire owned bank in Delaware is going to coordinate it all. But through straw men. Not actual vampires. Jeez, what do you think?  Three or four stores like that in struggling neighborhoods could really make a big difference. Look, 'shrinkage' and vandalism will be a big problem, but with the right security (partially vampire) they can keep a lid on that. And you know what they're gonna call them?.... 'MAGIC'....... The MAGIC Store.... Ads are going to say - Is it Target? Is it Walmart? Is it Kmart?... (or something like that) And the comeback will be --- No, it's MAGIC.

So the people in the cellar under the bank building discussed this for a few more minutes, before eating up the donuts.  They had coffee from a vending machine too. It wasn't 'that' bad. 

Jonathon had the tea.
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