Monday, May 20, 2013


A few hours later, when we returned to the root cellar to sleep and wait out the day, Jonathon took Annie aside. They sat in a corner. She leafed through some old copies of Highlights magazine. Everything shows up in the Pines, but she listened to all he said. Jonathon spoke to her in that almost undetectable vampire way. The other life-eaters knew what was happening, though they pretended not to notice. Conrad 'slept.' Sarah reread a much loved, worn copy of The Age of Innocence, from her nights at the bookshop. Leo was still off on his own, sleeping in deep abandoned mines with comely Piney bed partners. 

Jonathon whispered - You like it here, don't you, Annie?.... She nodded and went - Uh huh... You like the others. The children, I mean. And even Horsey Sleezix - he said..... Annie quietly responded - He's a kid too. Just a different kind..... Jonathon kissed her head.... The Pines made Annie human. They all saw that.

The Spanish vampirino continued - Would you like to see the sunshine? Safely, I mean..... She thought for a moment and shrugged.... Would you like to be a big girl, a teenager and drive cars and go to college? - he said.... She nodded vigorously, then asked - What do you mean, like have babies and brassieres and a husband and all?.... He smiled and nodded too...... She sighed and went - I don't know. But three heartbeats later, looked up into his eyes, searching for the truth.

In rare instances when child life-eaters are involved, the restoration of complete, human mortality can be achieved. Not so much where elferino or elferina types are concerned, nor cherubs too, for that matter. But those in the middle, like Annie, lost in eternal childhood, though smart enough to know things, sometimes are redeemed. 

There's a passage about it in La Ciencia Vampirismo. Jonathon has a copy, though not with him here. But the people of the Jersey Pine Forests have knowledge too, plus their own ethereal capabilities. They believe in the truth of Jubilee, not just the place, but the practice. And Edith, the Piney, housekeeper-helpmate to the vampires, readies an attempt. 'What God has wrought, let no man put asunder.' It comes from that. And occasionally, it works. 

'Repair the universe'..... Make things right..... There's no guarantee. But who knows?

So the beings in the root cellar switch off the tiny 'camping' lamps and settle in. I am the only human among them, yet even I can feel their apprehension and fear. 

- wilkravitz
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