Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DOWN IN THE ROOT CELLAR and other places ... 5/14/13

The floor was smooth pounded dirt. the walls were smooth too, almost like a natural, clay brick. They dug a few shallow troughs and filled them with rose petals, because Jonathon and Sarah supposedly sleep on rose petals. Don't ask me where they got so many this early in the season, but they did. The rest of us, the other vampires, that driver guy and I slept on these, off the shelf, foldable mattresses from TARGET. They were OK. But it's obvious they had a sale on Curious George sheets, 'cause that's what we got. Edith slept in one of the rough, plank 'cabins' with Mister Edith and the rest of the Clampetts. I don't know what kind of linens they had. I don't know where Leo slept either. Maybe he found an abandoned mine shaft in the woods, 'cause they have some from like umpteen hundred years ago. Nobody knows who dug 'em. Edith calls 'em 'the shadow people.' 

Smells nice down there though. Don't know what kind of roots they usually store, but it has a fresh, green, woodsy smell. Gave us a few decks of cards too. Look like throw-aways from the casinos in A.C.. Some of the Pineys go gambling every once in a while. That must be how they get 'em. I taught the vampires how to play Texas Hold 'Em. We used little cut up pieces of the plastic zipper bags the mattresses came in for money. The driver guy had a Swiss Army knife.  Couldn't burn any candles down there, or me and the driver guy, being mortal, would suffocate. But didn't have to, 'cause they had these little battery powered camping lamps, also from Target. You know, with those big batteries like they put in little kid's you-drive-it Camaros and 'four runners'? Also had a red and white plastic bad full of Archer Farms peanut butter crackers. The driver guy had a slight peanut sensitivity, so that meant more for me. There were some cans of soda too and a couple bottles of some kind of no-name vodka for the vampires, 'cause, yeah, they are fastidious when it comes to certain things, but they ain't fussy.  I just wanted you to know a lot goes in to going away with some night-folks. It ain't easy.  Don't ask how self-conscious I was using that pot in the corner. Annie laughed. Kept saying - Lemme see your 'thing.' Lemme see your 'thing.'..... But Sarah made her turn around and shut up. And I put the lid on real tight so they couldn't smell it. You know, human bodily aromas can excite vampires. And even though this crew was all right with me, I didn't want to chance anything. The driver guy took his cue from me. But nobody stared at him 'cept Conrad.

I could hear noise from up above during the day. Not much, but you knew somebody was doing something. Red Paint people have their own language, real basic and monosyllabic. I don't think they need much, 'cause some of their communications are telepathic. And most of them went out hunting, or fishing or plant-pickin' anyway. Left a guard or two behind, 'cause we were there.

Vampires would doze and wake up and doze some more. Annie quietly said - Is this the way it's always gonna be?... Sarah said - What do you mean?..... The little night-child said - It's like a big tether ball game. You all go 'round and 'round and 'round. He (she meant Jonathon) wants a save the world. Then he don't care no more. You love him. Then you don't care no more. Papa goes crazy. Then he ain't crazy. Then he is. And you forget. I knew him when he was 'the shaky hand man.' It's like why do you all have to do anything, when you know you ain't, probably, gonna die?..... Jonathon rolled over to face her and said - It's not like that..... But Annie whispered - Yeah, it is.... Nobody said anything after that and we all drifted off. 

After sundown (still a lot of blue in the sky, but you know how it looks) they got up. Our cabin had a little, old spigot. We could fill a washtub with water and take like a sponge bath. Too cold for anything else. Vampires don't mind cold, not that much anyway. But me and the driver did. Not much in the way of privacy, but ain't like they're regular humans anyway, so that made it OK. They had our luggage lined up against the wall. Lucky I brought a couple sweatshirts. 

Red Paint folk had on more normal clothes now. Not like nudist, or semi-nudist hippies no more. Now they look like the kind a people Hoda and Kathie Lee do make-overs on. Annie ran off to play with Pin-Head-Mel and Horsey Skeezix, the Jersey Devil kid. A micro-cephalic.... a bat-winged faun boy... and a stringy haired, little vampire gal. Who says people can't get along?

I had some kind a fried corn mush and apple juice. The driver guy had the same. Vampires drank something, but I don't know what it was. Then they fried this bacon. I hope it was bacon. Had five, thick slabs, 'cause that stuff was good.

Then we went to the ghost town. They got a few ghost towns in the pines. Some quiet and empty.... Some, not so much.

Look, ain't like this a new thing to you. If you been with us a while, you know 'bout the disembodied spirits. You know 'bout the 'narrators' who come by from time to time. Hello? Mister Never-You-Mind, you remember him? And the kid what died from polio, down the basement in the townhouse?

Ghosts are people too, just dead ones what ain't got no bones..... or meat, or hair, or toenails, or nothin', for that matter. Some ain't so much. Others make your blood run cold. Some folks drop down dead when they see 'em. Then we got more ghosts.

Even if you think you never seen one.... they probably seen you....'Cause nobody got eyes in the back a their head..... Right?

An' sometimes they lean in real close.
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