Saturday, May 11, 2013


Now I must type this very fast, so please do not be upset by all the mistakes. We glide down the dark, smooth river. Trees arc over head, forming a canopy.... a 'tunnel of love' with real monstrosities. Life has washed up into this wet, boggy realm for eons.  Sea currents brush the coasts, depositing all manner of flotsam and jetsam from the old world and perhaps other worlds too. If you've been traveling with us for a while, you know the Pineys.... old settlers from the Netherlands, Britain and just about everywhere else. Some say Barbary pirates came too. But all of them were human. Not particularly magical, at least not in the beginning. Though after a few generation, the various strains began to blend and simmer. Old spells from Normandy mixed with grandmothers tales from Dorset. And the Indians added certain spices too, until the backwoods discipline known as 'pow-wow' came to be. Edith is quite adept. Jonathon says she's a telepath, with simple telekinetic abilities as well. Spells help her focus. Many Pineys have talents similar to hers. 

The Red Paint People are one step up on the exotic scale. More or less on a par with the original Indians.   They can do what the Pineys do. But they can also communicate with animals. A few claim friends among the (to us) inanimate world and hold conversations with some of the more neighborly waterways and trees. Rocks too, I'm told. 

No one speaks. The boats glide on. It's difficult to gauge how fast (or slow). The banks, completely hidden and dark, are quiet. There are no whispers here. And mosquitoes avoid life-eaters, so for the most part we're OK. Just in case you don't know, it's me, wilkravitz. I'm talking now. My laptop is packed away with everything else in the third skiff. But the driver has a smart phone. So I'm attempting to use that. I try to shield the screen. I try to hide the light. We don't want to attract any undue attention. God knows whats out there. 

From what they said before, we've never been to Jubilee. That's a special place. They all revere it, the Pineys.... the Red Paints... and the Indians. Though I'm told, most of the Indians live up in the mountains further north. And another thing... I don't think those 'muskrat' things are in any way rodent like. The heads are too round and their ears are almost human. Not water monkeys. I can see them, not clearly, but I catch glimpses.  One makes eye contact and then dives below. I don't know. Maybe the light from the smart phone attracts them. Maybe it repels them? They whisper. I guess they have a language. Now they flee from the river and scramble toward the trees. It's hard to see the trees. But we can hear them. The driver says - What was that?..... Edith says - Nothin'. Shut up. But we hear a muffled shriek, maybe from a person. I don't know. Next come slow, wet, ripping noises. Even Annie, a vampire child, snuggles close. Her mortal nanny, Edith, goes - Shhh,shhh, shh...... Jonathon whispers - The 'muskrats'?..... Edith goes - Uh huh...

Then she quietly says - Hon (she means me)..... I whisper - Yeah?..... She goes - You might wanna turn that off.....

Makes sense to me..... 
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