Saturday, June 15, 2013

2013 2014 Upcoming Movies (Latest) with Trailers..... ALBION, one od our 'Elferinos' talks about juvenile vampire life and why he loves film... 6/16/13

There is a beautiful assortment of recollections down below, featuring past dreams and those yet to come. For cinema is just that... gift wrapped visions shared in the dark. 

We elferinos and elferinas love such things, savoring chill, fall nights at 'the movies.' I like to sit up close, bathed in the platinum radiance coming from the screen. Vampire dreams are like that. And what are we, but juvenile night-folk? I know many of you have GOOGLED - Marianne in Britches by Billy Kravitz . Can you tell me that would not make a haunting film? Or his BINGO BOY, or the sweeping saga that is EL RANCHO TEXACO. But I digress. Possibly because that writer, also known to you as wilkravitz misses the life-eater known as Jonathon. Yes, he appears from time to time, but our trim friend from old Al- Andaluz walks alone now. And we have no control over it. wilkravitz misses the tiny vials too. They're like tonics. Regular recipients need no physicians. Sometimes mortals, through judicious infusions (taken orally) live long lives. The 'Old Woman' whom you may recall from the earliest nights of this ... whatever it is... was roughly one hundred and forty years old at the time of her disappearance, yet still technically mortal. wilkravitz isn't that old, but far, far older than you'd expect. He needs the blood... not much...tiny drams to hold decrepitude at bay. I'm sure Baylah will help. 

Should my references puzzle you, wander through the entire vampire canon at ~> ...It's all there, from 'Papa's' earliest days by the alpine lakes of neolithic Europe, to Jonathon's time in the pit. Just scroll back and back and back to the beginning, almost 725,000 words ago. 

The Night-World is very rich. We've shared but a tiny morsel. 

Right now, I sit with my companion, the dear Celeste. She keeps close counsel and is quieter than Marianne, though if enough of you ask, she'll talk too. We watch a movie. The projectionist runs 'late' shows for beings like us. Minnie comes too. That's why we ran the Cab Calloway short some nights back, on the blog, I mean. She's named for his theme song. Minnie The Moocher. Gave it to herself. 

So we sit, all alone, save for a few disembodied spirits, and we watch. do you know there are special films the public never sees? Small jewels fashioned by little known names. They screen them at The Bilderberg Conference... at The Vampire Revels. That 'Golden Horde' magic house in London gets them, Camp David too, I believe.... other select venues too. I do not know them all.

This projectionist gets them too. He screens them for influential locals. Money can't get you in. So don't even try. And I cannot tell you anything about them. No, really, I can't. Shhhh, I don't want to talk anymore. Let me watch my dream....

But you can drift through the movie down below. It has a certain evocative enchantment. I particularly enjoyed the score.

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