Saturday, July 13, 2013


They examined me from all angles. I could smell the heavy essence of garlic and fish sauce on their breath. The man was a landowner. His wife had political aspirations. Not for her, naturally, but for her son. He (the man) grew olives in the uplands near Neo-Polis, which Latin speakers more often shortened into Nepoleeze and owned, or leased sixteen hundred slaves.  Most places bordering Mare Nostrum (our sea) know the brand, Golden Sunrise pure olive oil, in the rustic, white, pottery flagon with the wax sealed corks are sold everywhere. He's a big contributor to various political factions in the capitol too. 

They asked my name. I told them I was called Janus. The wife said she liked that... so fitting for a lamia-sanguine (vampire), since the divine Janus lived in two places... the world of now and the world of then... perfect for an immortal being, such as I. They wanted to feel my teeth... my eye teeth, I mean, so I opened my mouth and let them run their fingers over the sharp, white tips....Such salty skin they had.... I like that in a human. 

Money changed hands and that was it. I'm not even sure just how much I cost. It's considered decidedly declasse for gentlefolk to refer to such things. But the son told me they paid plenty. She, the wife, wanted a pleasure barge for summers on Capri, but he, the husband, needed an enforcer... a strong man... a knife-man...someone who could kill 'friends' and influence people.

Two slave girls, laundresses, I believe, led me into a washroom and proceeded to scrub the shiny, gold coloration off my skin... a most laborious task, for it was everywhere. Then they marched me back to the olive oil king for a final inspection. He was very pleased. The wife was very pleased too. No one asked her, but I could tell. There was a short ceremony... references to Hellenistic gods... prayers of everlasting fidelity (on my part) and hymns sung by Libyan song-girls raised expressly for that purpose. I liked the way they trilled. It was all so new to me. Documents were signed. They brought out a torque, dark, cold and made of lead and bent it 'round my neck. You know what a torque is.... like a large, rounded horseshoe... The open end went in front. Vampire slaves always wear them... It's that 'lead thing.' But I'll tell more about that next time. 

Look, I can go on for hours, but they tell me this is being transcribed by a vampire 'familiar' named wilkravitz... and wilkravitz is tired. He also has to empty out a mechanical cloth-drying machine before he goes to bed. I don't know what that is. I'm just repeating what I 'hear.'

So let him finish his chores. Let him sleep... and I'll talk to you tomorrow...
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