Wednesday, July 31, 2013


This is a city of vipers. Back stabbers are everywhere and cruelly kidnapped senatorial daughters are regularly sold as whores in the souks of the Levant. Vampires are nothing to these people. They destroyed God's House and vanquished the 'Portal to Heaven' that is Jerusalem. I know. Some Herodian descendants have a villa next door and I think they also have ties to earlier dynasties as well. The son, an earnest young lad, tries to teach me morals. So far he hasn't succeeded. 

And the master recently gifted me some slaves of my own... a matched set of Gothic juveniles.... sandy haired 'Rolfies.'.... you know it's good luck to muss the hair of a 'Rolfie.'.... 'gold' and all that. Leads to riches. Don't know how I'll use them. Have yet to design a livery. Two are boys and two are girls. Perhaps I'll do them up as wood sprites or something like that. Mutes are all the rage, but I don't want to subject them to the operation. Surgical excision of the tongue is no mean thing... Many die right there on the marble slab. I could always mesmerize them into silence. My kind is good at that. And you know what? I hardly ever think about my mortal life anymore. Iberia is as a dream. And the truncated lives of the humans there, some of whom were my 'relatives' hold little attraction. I am Janus, and I will witness centuries.... if I handle things correctly. 

Romans are a clever breed and they have ways to control us. I'm told there was a public 'exposure' the other day. They did it in the arena. Oh, how she thrashed about. Two Numidians done up as satyrs (the loose, curly hair plays into that) carried her in in a heavy, leather sac, sewn shut against the light. Then they threw it down on the sand, read the charge... 'defiance of the master.' And that doesn't mean sassing, or talking back. It represents familial treason. And Romans don't go for crap like that. Power and position is all they have. A 'righteous' man is one who toadies up to his betters and f+#ks the shit out of everyone else. They couldn't say what the bad vampirina did, since it might compromise her owner. Secrets are everything in The Imperial City. So they poured a solution of olive oil and lead dust into her ear as she slept. I'm not supposed to know about lead and all, but I do. It diminishes our powers and makes us helpless. But I digress from the story at hand. 

Attendants ran out bearing silver daggers... actually more 'cutting' and 'slicing' knives than 'stabbers.' And the 'satyrs' used them to rip through the thick, cow hide. She shrieked. How she shrieked, as her alabaster body (nude, of course) immediately blistered in the hot sun. And the crowd hurled oaths and curses as she writhed before them and burst into flame. They say she trembled, most violently too, I am told. Vampires feel pain. Have no doubt about that.... I don't.... It took her forty one heartbeats to die. And what did she want, but freedom?

I am not so idealistic. The master dotes on me. Calls me his best 'ratter.' And I am. The killing suits me and the rich supply of blood is scrumptious. It's truly scrumptious.

But if you want to know the truth, I'm scared. These noble, togaed Romans know things I can't even imagine.... They say vampires can build up a resistance to lead.... Start small... tiny bits of filings. I don't know if that's true.... though I plan to find out.

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