Sunday, July 21, 2013


The senior Nesso, my 'master' knew of my curiosity and arranged for a meeting between myself and the Lady Eudora.  Such dalliances are rare in these parts. But he had little to fear from her sponsor (master is basically such a common term), at least not now, so it happened. 

I went out to dine. Not on any predetermined enemy, but on my own. I am told that some of your life-eaters kill but once a month. Well, more power to them. I, though not a glutton, prefer a more regular feeding schedule and polish off a plebian or two nightly.

Most high ranking individuals take lantern bearers and knife-men when they go out after dark. Public illumination is scarce. Oh, don't get me wrong. The empire has the where-with-all. Yet those in power like the darkness.... Keeps people in, especially the hungry classes. Fosters isolation. Cuts down plotting and all sorts of nocturnal intrigue. I suppose a cut-throat or two might be out there toiling away. What am I, after all? But garden variety malcontents are less likely to take to the streets. It's scary out there and they know it. Indeed, my meals depend on stealth and cunning...sublimating through walls.... listening 'neath windows and all that. I've learned to remove my leaden torque and hide it somewhere handy for after. Odd that so few 'sponsors' ever think about that. Granted, a few vampires do go rogue, but only a few. Important connections are indispensable in this place. And the cosseted existence of most lamia-sanguine (the Latin term for what we are) is not so hard to take.

We met in the gardens behind the Temple of Vesta, a discreet, little, hidden oasis... an orchard really, thick with carefully tended pear and apple trees.... Quite shadowy and very private. The mother superior (head mistress of the Vestal Virgins) knew we were coming and left a small pitcher of her best vintage on a lovely stone bench for us to find. Are you familiar with fine cider? If not, you should be. 

The vampirina Eudora was already seated when I arrived...(eight minutes pass)....... Excuse me, but the 'familiar' recording this, 'wilkravitz' stopped for a piece of cheese danish. I believe that is some sort of pastry. We in the empire have many baked confections, but I've never heard of that one. Though from what I pick up from his thoughts, it seems quite delectable. Those vampires who miss mortal food often revisit the experience in this manner. Mental symbiosis is not that hard to achieve. Now let me get back to the telling...

The Lady Eudora was naked, save for a leather quivver holding six gold arrows and a small bow 'cross her breasts. Impersonating the goddess Diana was a 'thing' with her. Made it easier to approach mortals, divine 'visitations' being all the rage. She beckoned me to sit down beside her and I did. She poured some of the delicious cider into a small silver goblet (silver being Diana's color) and I drank. Vampires, as I'm told most of you know, can tolerate and indeed appreciate most wines and fermented spirits. She had some too. In that way we relaxed and she began to talk.....

In truth, I had planned to tell more this time, but it grows late in Philadelphia, or wherever that 'wilkravitz' is. And he must sleep. For dawn comes early in the summer and the dogs will be up soon....
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