Tuesday, August 27, 2013

LYCANTHRO-SHARK... this is the part where it gets bloody... 8/28/13

No fancy colors. Shark brains don't think that way. That is not how they process reality. Everything's black or white.... 'quick' or dead.... meat or not-meat. They see and they want and they eat, like power mowers what can't turn off. And now they rollin' toward the old folks' home. 

Miss Bootsie the head nurse. That not her real name. Fourteen years ago some crazy old bat start a call her that. Shrunken up thing claim she a dancer... a hoochie dancer at Injun Joe's. That a burlesque house... a real bad place far out on 'Dirt Road.' No, for real. That what they call it... 'Dirt Road.' It the end a the line, full a smack whores and johnny-johns what all poxed up. Hag woman was Shimmy-Kate. She a star. Wrassle a hopped up alligator and strip at the same time. But you know how show biz is? One day boss man say her tittie look funny. She say - No, it all right. That where the gator done me wrong. Mashed up all it is. It gone get better. He say he don't care, 'cause he got a gal what all fancy on both sides. Don't need no band-aids and alcohol. 'Sides, gator like her better. You can tell, 'cause some gators got real expressive eyes. Ain't got no eyelashes, but they don't need 'em. Shimmy Kate beg. She beg real hard. She beg him up real good. But boss man jus' laugh (though he do wait til after she finish all the beggin'). Then he kick her ass out a there wit' jus' three dollah and a dried up Mars Bar from the candy-sellin' place. She do freelance hoochie for truckers at truck stops. They buy her Kotex and scrambled eggs. But it ain't no good, 'cause she miss the big time. You know once you used to it, it hard a get that taste out a your malf. So she kill a guy to get money. Palm a knife from the kitchen. Think she also get a razor blade from machine in the men's room. Tell him he need a get some ticks pulled off... cooties too. Say she an expert... almos' like a nurse. She got the uniform, so he say - OK. Slip him some pills...'Nightie-Nights' from Penny Land. That like a five and dime store. He snore like a snot-nosed pig. But she don't care, 'cause they in the back a his cab, where he sleeps an' all. First she make like she shavin' him up real good, 'case he wake up an' start askin' questions. But he don't wake up, so she slit his throat. Only she not like a nurse an' don't do it right. He bleed. Oh, he bleed a lot... but he don't die. Shimmy Kate say - Shit... 'cause now she gone have to find another way to make him go 'guhk.' Since all his pants already pulled off, she go explorin'. Lot a blood down there. She know from when they 'fix' baby bulls on the farm. She do him up real good. Gotta saw some, 'cause kitchen knife no good and razor blade kind a puny. He go 'ahhh' and 'ewww' in his sleep. Grunt some too. But it OK 'cause Nightie-Nights good stuff. When it over, he like a bloody Kewpie doll... a dead bloody Kewpie doll. An' she got a wallet fill a sixteen dollah and twenty nine cent. 

Wash herself off in a stream. Toss in his 'leavin's' too. Crawfish make quick work out a them. Then she put on clothes what she got in a sack and walk in a the woods. Jus' keep walkin' and walkin' and walkin'. Figure she got a get away an' woods is dark and good for that kind a thing. Start hummin' to herself. Start hummin' 'Do the Dipsy Doodle, Do the Dipsy Doodle.'

But after while, somethin' start hummin' back..... She stop. Get real still... crouch down and listen....

That when the wolfman get her...
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