Thursday, August 22, 2013

not fiction this time...maybe later, but AN IDEA...FAME FACTORY...if you want it, here it is...come and get it...but you better hurry ;cause it's going fast......JUMP IN AND HOLLER

we manufacture opportunities.
Study the following example, then click on our COMMENTS and do the same thing. Use HASHTAGS where the example uses them. 


Name- Jane Doe
Field- writer, scripts, novels, blog
Twitter Account- @janedoe
Credits- numerous short stories, film script entitled                       PUDDING AND RHINESTONES 
Sample- post photos, videos, or text. give people a taste               your 'voice.'
Desires- a mentor, an agent, blog traffic, advice,                             feedback
Hashtags- #writer #filmmaker #famefactory

Short and concise. Like a dorm bulletin board. Please SHARE this with others via the SHARE BAR down below. If you have a BLOGGER.COM blog, please hit the BLOGGER icon and share via your site. Sure, there are other 'media' clearing houses on line. But this is clear and simple..... We work with Twitter, because that site consistently generates the most traffic. Plus, you can also communicate with other creative people via the HASHTAGS they frequent. If you like, tweet me at @wilkravitz with any questions you might have, or if you just want some SHOUT OUTS and RE-TWEETS. My account already has almost 6,500 followers, not huge, but respectable. FAME FACTORY blends TWITTER, BLOGGER and HASHTAGS... Blogs on other carriers are welcome too. It's just that the BLOGGER ICON on the SHARE BAR makes sharing so much easier. Tell FAMOUS PEOPLE about all of us. Invite them to come on and browse. They may give somebody a break.

Thank you for your support. See you on @TMZ !

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