Tuesday, September 10, 2013


When you think about it, the universe is pretty boring. It's all just clouds or globes or shattered rocks. OK, some a the rocks is ice and some a the globes is real hot. No, wait. Pinwheels... We got pinwheels too. You know, like galaxies? But basically that's it. A vast (relatively speaking) Mandlebrot Set comprised of a few basic forms. Celestial Legos... Lincoln Logs ... Tinker Toys.

It's no wonder advanced beings like to mess with it. Some of the really advanced ones knock out whole wings and rehab huge galactic clusters. Dopier advanced beings do simpler stuff, like throwin' rocks at dinosaurs, or creating 'funny' people. And I don't mean like Sid Caesar or Chelsea Handler. I mean 'weird'... at least to us dull folk. 

Back in the day they made centaurs and mermaids and tattooed Zumba dancers. Now it's werewolves and zombies and vampires. Must be a free time activity in some really accelerated alien grade school. If a smart one makes you (not creative. just smart) you're all right. But if you get the alien kid who picks his nose and eats it, or runs around the house with his grandma's brassiere wrapped around his head,, you might not be all right. 

The wolf-folk what got Shimmy Kate ain't all right. They're stuck. Can't vacillate back and forth. Never human. Never wolf. Just a mess.... like that lion guy what lived in a clean part a the sewers in Beauty and The Beast. Think he graduated to Son's of Anarchy.

You see, Divine creationism is one thing, 'cause God has good taste. But retard creationism (and I only use that word to make a point) is something else. Some pots don't need no stirring.

What kind a pot you think human beans from... one what got stirred to much, or one that's just right?...Maybe we just gotta simmer?

Alpha male what loved up Shimmy Kate hopin' on her puppies. He think they gonna save him. Not just him, but ALL them 'stuck in the middle' wolf folk.

He waitin' on Romulus and Remus. That what he gonna call 'em. Shimmy Kate ain't picked no names yet. She jus' sit there huddled 'gainst the rocky wall suckin' her finger nails.

Belly gettin' big, though... Belly gettin REAL big...
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