Friday, September 20, 2013

Don Jon Trailer Official 2013 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Movie [HD].. BAYLAH, our BEYONCE LOOK-ALIKE VAMPIRE who has a cool piano bar in Center City, Philadelphia & a rich boyfriend down the shore turned me on to this...

Although we go off on a million tangents in '... the Wonderland' our vampire 'besties' are still here. And Baylah really likes this. You wouldn't think so, but she does. So, please watch the video and see the movie. Maybe after, go tip toe through~>  THIS ... then join me on TWITTER at ~> @wilkravitz ... Can't channel no werewolves tonight because I keep slipping into a catatonic trance caused by the hypnotic, 'white noise' hum of my refrigerator. Klactu borada nicto, y'all... Til next the world spins again....please COMMENT

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