Saturday, September 7, 2013

HUMAN PUPPY-MAMA... SHIMMY KATE AMONG THE LUPINIERE... a lycanthro-shark tangent..... 9/07/13

She stayed with them throughout the winter. They slept a lot, though never really hibernated. Bayou winters aren't cold, just chill and damp and quiet. Sometime it rains a lot. And for like eight weeks nothing grows. Cop guys did a little bit a pokin' 'round tryin' a find her. After all, she did accidentally on purpose pop a guy's head off. But law's a funny thing down there and they had bigger fish to fry. No, really. Mako was runnin'.... Yellow Fin Tuna too. Think also Wahoo, but I ain't sure. 

So Shimmy Kate spent them months holed up in the caves pickin' ticks out a wolf-folk pelts and showin' 'em how to dance and all. An early form a the Lindy they liked. But wolves ain't agile as cats. Singin' is their thing. Howlin' actually, but they call it singin'.

After a time, her belly start a grow. Big Boss wolfman pester her a little bit, but he ain't pushy, 'specially 'cause he got them prime wolfwomen. Young ones find a dead fox and chew the tail off. Say Shimmy Kate ought a pinch it tween her butt cheeks (don't know what happened to her clothes, only she ain't got 'em no more) an' walk around wit' it to make herself look more normal. But she say 'no' an' rock back and forth huggin' her knees. 

Mostly, in the winter, they eat stupified frogs and half asleep rats. Kill a loner every once in a while, but cut down on that 'cause Shimmy Kate a human bean and so is most a them loners. They grab fish for her. Fish slow in wintertime too. Think they give her few taters and carrots, but I might a dreamed that part. Got a few old ripped up motion picture magazines in there wit' 'em. She look at pictures a Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy... Bing Crosby too, I think. 

Wolf-woman say she carryin' twins. Shimmy Kate, I mean. She a belly-feeler, so she know. But Shimmy Kate don't talk much 'bout it. Guess she 'fraid a nursin' little, rolly-poly puppy things what got sharp teeth..... Now she little bit crazy. Set there whisper-singin' I Got Joy, joy, Joy, Joy, Down In My Heart.

Them what got fur do the Lindy to it....
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Nephylim Author said...

I've been enjoying this change from vampires. The wolf creatures sound like fun. Maybe not for Shimmy Kate though. Or maybe she will have fun watching her children grow in a simpler world. I like the sound of your loups, much more civilized than humans in some ways. Definitely more civilized than the vampires for all their etiquette.