Sunday, September 1, 2013


Tongue rough., Tongue strong. Lick her up real good. Shimmy Kate go - Oh! Oh! Oh!...  Then she remember.... Ain't got no bloomers. Pulled 'em off 'cause they wet. Start kickin' her feet and gone - Eee! Eee! Eee! But that just put her legs up in the air and thing start lickin' her butt. Not the whole thing. Just part of it..... Fat part.... Round part.... Juicy part.  She feel teeth, big sharp wet ones. Thing nip her ass. Nip it again. Nip it whole lot a time. No bites. Just nips. She giggle. Shimmy Kate go - Tee-hee-hee... 'cause it tickle. Two hearbeats later it stop. She gasp. She think maybe it go 'way.... She wait. Silence. Nothing... She reach out, thrusting her naked arms into the dark. But they find only mosquitoes. So the exotic dancer/alligator wrestler gets up, picks a direction and moves off, feeling her way through the black, forest night.

Sticky, fibrous tendrils brush her face, her neck, her arms. She shudders. Her mind draws pictures in the dark. Spiders... Big ones, with coarse, stiff hairs and fat, weighty abdomens. All around her. They're all around her. A thick network of cloying filaments grab hold of her face, her mouth, her legs, her ears, even her tongue. She gags. She gasps. She screams. Dried, dead things suspended in the nightmare scrape against her body, the remnants of past arachnid feedings.... Feathers... Tiny bones... cold, naked, snakelike, leathery tails... Hairy pelts.... Gristle.

Something moves closer. She feels the tension play across the web from all directions, as hungry, mindless beings carefully move in for the kill. She screams. She screams again. Not since Fay Wray first saw Kong has there been such a scream. And the very bowels of the swampland echo with her terror, as she waits for the torture to begin...

But a howl fills the night and everything stops, as even the insects pay heed. Strong arms wrap around her rib-cage. Hot breath bathes her trembling skin, as a huge, lupine presence tears Shimmy Kate from the web and carries her off  toward another, quite different den.....
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