Wednesday, September 18, 2013

THE DECOMPOSING CORPSE GHOST ISSUES JUDGEMENT.... the Lycanthro-Shark story arc... 9/18/13

It's funny how much you can see by moonlight. I guess we forget what it was like before fire. The control of fire, I mean. Simple souls wandered through the night... looking at things. They saw, because they had to. And the cool, silvery disc in the sky was enough. Sometimes it wasn't even a disc. 

Shimmy Kate saw. She saw quite clearly, not like someone in a laboratory under harsh florescent lights, but she was able to interpret shapes, lines and masses. There were trees (lots of trees) and murky puddles filled with wriggling things. Tiny, buzzing, singularities danced about the clammy air. They bit too. She itched, but she was used to that. 

The decomposing corpse ghost laying in the chill, soupy water looked at her. Well, the eyes were gone, but a presence behind the bug eaten, flaccid lids saw her anyway. It breathed a raspy breath, nodded toward the strangely pregnant, near nude hootchie-woman-alligator-wrestler and spoke. She heard it. Shimmy Kate heard it. It said, or rather whispered - Go back.... And even the drowsy crickets seemed to echo those words. The flesh cracked and peeled off from the bones. Not everywhere, but along the arms and around the rib cage. One shoulder joint was clearly visible. It's amazing how white bones appear in the night. She wanted to run. She NEEDED to. But her muscles wouldn't move. Animals know that. They know, so they freeze. Monsters only 'get' you if you run. But stones pose no attraction, so she became a stone, there in the presence of the man she had killed. I suppose someone dragged him from the truck and dumped him in the swamp after, when they stole it. But she didn't know that. A few moments later the dead thing said it again --- Go back.... She whimpered a little. She did do that. But she still couldn't move, til the wolf-gal touched her spine. Then she got up. Her big belly, filled with Romulus and Remus made it hard, but she managed and together they went back to the cave. There was no escape. Neither made a sound and although no one saw it, the corpse-thing disappeared.

The birthing time was near...

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