Monday, September 9, 2013

WOLF-FOLK go on a MEAT HUNT...... 9/09/13 ... part of the LYCANTHRO-SHARK ARC

Contrary to Hollywood, they do it on nights when there ain't no moon. Less light. Less interference. More stealth. Shimmy Kate can't go, 'cause she human all the way. Can't make time like the rest of them. She slow. She'd twist her ankle and fall. Shit, there ain't no cryin' in werewolf. Old one stay with her. Female name Frizzy Ass on account a her fur. They playin' Yachtzee. But Shimmy make sure Frizzy win all the time, 'cause she is a werewolf after all.

Rest a the pack went 'runnin'. That what they call it, havin' a 'runnin'. Stream out into the dark and find somethin'. Rabbits hide. Bob cats hide. Two big monkeys what got lost from the circus hide. Everythin' hide. 

Pad out to a road house off a little highway.... Jook joint really, full a moonshine drunks and dope fiends. Wait out in the bushes. Bayou got big bushes... real big bushes. Door open. Light shoot out. Fat bastid come out 'cause he gotta fart. It Ok shootin' quiet farts. But this round got special sound effects 'ttached to it, so best done outside...

Canines and them what like related appreciate a good stink. Butt sniffin' a hobby. How they find out who eatin' the good stuff. Fat bastid squat down to take a shit. Got shit hole inside, but it ain't been cleaned or fumigated in like... never. 

Wolf-folk hunker down. Get real still. Get real quiet. Suck in that first wiff. He be eatin' pig. He be eatin' cheese. He be eatin' macaroni. Don't smell like it did goin' in. But never you mind, 'cause to them it smell better. 

Little wolf-bitch-gal lunge in an' bite his ass real hard. He scream and fall over. Start wipin' the blood with his hand. Get scared, 'cause he see a lot a it. Start moanin'. Start shakin'. 'nother one score his ankle bone up real good.  Fat bastid go - Oh, Gawd! Oh Gawd!  Try to run, but he can't 'cause a his pants and all. So he fall in the mud and cry... just like a big, fat-assed Baby Huey.

Ain't no cryin' in werewolf. Already told you that. Cryin' make 'em mad. Somebody rip a nipple. Might a been one a the young ones. Then his pee-pee go missin', long with it's next door neighbors. One a the big females tear the neck, take a cheek off. That like a filet to her. Two heartbeats later they in a frenzy. Them what's inside watchin'. They watchin' everythin'... faces all squashed up 'gainst little glass window. Big eyes. Scared eyes. Open malfs. Nobody say a word. Feel bad 'bout that 'no audible fart' thing, but what can you do? Rules is rules. 

Little bit later they drag him away. Leave his head, 'cause wolf-folk don't like brain. Think he busted up into two or three parts by then. Not fancy butcherin'. Nothin' fancy. But very effective butcherin' just the same.

An' Shimmy Kate gotta eat some, 'cause she carryin' wolfie babies an' all.

Only she don't know that yet...
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