Sunday, September 15, 2013

WOLF FOLK IS GOOD TRACKERS... 9/15/13 ... still part a the LYCANTHRO-SHARK story arc

Some night ain't got no moon. Moon still there, but you not see it. It hide down 'round other side a Earth, like bad boy back a tree trunk. Them nights is dark... black nights. Milky Way arc 'cross a sky like God done a 'spit take.' Some folk can't look at it. Reminds 'em how small they is and what all's out there. Big rock come down, go BAM!  Them what see it wanna shit themself, only rock not give 'em time. Burn 'em up fast. BOOM! pfft! Uh oh.... That how it is.

Shimmy Kate crouch down by 'the terrace.' It not fancy like a real one, but it flat and out front, so what else you gonna call it? Wolfie-gal there with her. Rest a them off huntin'. They like a good, dark night.  Gator-boy go out. Try to catch a gator. Wolfie-folk go out. Try to catch gator-boy. 'Cept with them it ain't 'tryin' 'cause they get 'em every time. Fat gator boys best. They juicy. Taste like pork. Two fat ones even better. They cry. They squeal. Kick they feet. Bat they hands like little girl.  Alpha wolfie-man like to play with 'em. Bite ass-cheek real hard. Scratch 'em up. Let 'em go. Let 'em run. Chase 'em. Jump on top. Do it again. Maybe three time. Rip ear off... piece a face-meat. That like appetizer.

Shimmy Kate seen 'em do it, but she don't care. She crazy. Don't want no wolfie-babies. Let 'em get her. Let 'em catch her. Let 'em rip her up real bad. She laugh. She go - Wheee, I free! I free!... 'cause she believe in heaven an' all. Not that she so good. Jus' ain't got much else.

Wolfie-gal watch her. See her leg tense up. See her ass flex. She know. Shimmy Kate a runner. Don't want no trouble wit' boss-wolf. She got a job, so she do it. Jump on all-human gal an' pin her down. She growl. She snarl. Shimmy Kate get like gator-boy, bat her hands and go - No! No! No!..... Then, real fast, wolfie-gal nip her tittie. Sting her up real hard, like wolf do wit' bad puppy. Human gal stop. Breathe real hard an' cry. She jus' cry an' cry an' lay there an' cry. It the time a night when bite-'em-ups is out. Bite her up real good. But she don't care. Itchin' ain't no big thing.

Wolfie-gal lick her belly. Wanna stop her... but it don't do no good...
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