Saturday, October 5, 2013


Some cultures are millions of years old. A few, possibly billions. What manner of existence might they manifest? Is fostering the development of lesser creatures a universal law? Let's look at our own circumstances. And we must do these things before analyzing the motives and techniques of those responsible for human lycanthropy. 

Consider the arrangement of our solar system. The grand, almost star-like world we call Jupiter runs interference for us, gathering most troublesome rocks and ice bergs into its own unfathomable depths.... a cosmic bug zapper protecting the delicate Earth-side skin. 

Other solar systems also have Jupiter-like worlds, but they tend to sink in toward the parent star. Our set-up is different and highly unusual.

And then there's the Moon.... a celestial 'after thought' created, if you will, as a cosmic gyroscope, a stabilizer regulating our orbit, our climate and the seasons. No other world has anything like it. Other moons (when seen with their planetary sponsors) pale in comparison. Saturn's children are mere dots. Jupiter's the same. Oh, they may be large in their own right. Some actually planet sized. Yet next to their host quite negligible.... In fact, contemporary scientists consider our set up to be more binary planet in nature. 

Thus so much about out galactic vicinity seems carefully engineered.... a wax smeared petri-dish floating in space.

Were mass extinctions 'failed' experiments, or perhaps scheduled recyclings of organic components? 

Why did each subsequent 'age' produce ever more complex organisms? Evolution... in it's purest form aims not for complexity but for convenience. What does nature care if we have Buicks or maracas?

Though a stardust Pygmalion might.... Did we just grow like Topsy, or are we something else?

What a piece of work is man......

And who was (is?) our Da Vinci?.... Are they always serious and earnest, or do they sometimes play games?

Romulus Lupine thinks about these things. So does the twenty eight thousand year old vampire known as 'Papa,' our younger life-eater, Jonathon and a host of other characters revealed here..... 'Vampire Wonderland' is so much more than that.... And as stated at the very beginning (lest you forget), we only pretend that it's fiction.

More about the wolfie-folk next time. Tonight we speak of deeper things.

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