Friday, October 11, 2013


There were birds on the place, mostly crows and ravens. Big, shiny, ebony, ones. Almost metallic. And I used to feed them small animals killed for sport. Werewolves regularly go after squirrels and rabbits to maintain speed and agility and I'd always throw the bodies to the birds. I liked them. Each mob had a leader. I think the term for the leader is 'wizard.' Maybe that's where the K.K.K. got 'imperial wizard' from?  I don't know.

But as soon as Remus and his 'hell hound' lieutenants attacked, my avian friends appeared out of the darkness to help me, diving down from above like avenging demons. They go for the eyes, you know. I'm told the jelly-filled orbs are quite savory. Aw, hell, I'm not 'told.' I know. Werewolves sample everything. But I just didn't want to talk about it, because I'm still occasionally troubled by judgmental, narrow minded humans. Don't criticize me. Don't talk about us. Look to your own satanic perversions. Count the crimes your kind commits. Just because you sign a contract and have somebody else do it doesn't absolve you of the blood. You force sobbing, little toddlers into dank, sealed, chambers and kill them with caustic fumes. OK, maybe not 'you.' But what the hell difference does that make?! I'm sorry. I don't enjoy telling this part. Remus was my twin. He was my brother. He was my adversary and I destroyed him.

The 'wizard' made the first slash 'cross his face, ripping open the muzzle and tearing a lower lid. It flapped against his cheek when he ran. Hell hound number two, on his left got the same. Oh, a few of the ravens suffered too. Wolf-folk can jump high, you know, smashing birds in the air, crushing avian skulls and ripping off flapping wings. The first hell hound instinctively began to feed. That's when I got him, tearing open a gash in his soft underbelly. When he collapsed down onto the grass, they got the eyes. Two fast, deep thrusts... Pop! Pop!... Yelped like a miniature Poodle. Three heartbeats later he was dead, or at least passed the point of no return, 'cause he did twitch a little, but recuperation was out of the question, if you know what I mean.  Quite beyond even our enhanced healing powers. 

Look, how am I supposed to map this out for you? It all happened so fast. Maybe forty five seconds and it was over. I almost lost a foot...left hind leg. Don't ask me who did it. I don't know. You've seen dogs fight. You know what it's like... Like buzz-saws gone at each other. It's a frenzy... And Remus lived. I destroyed him, but he lived.... a neutered animal, bleeding like a pig. Ain't no pack gone want him now. Not as a leader. Not like that. Maybe I should have killed him? I don't know.

Then, WHAM BAM CHEESE AND HAM, it was over. The dead lay where they fell. I limped away. The servants would take care of me. Remus crawled behind some bushes. I sent some out to help him too. He drifted back into human form by then, but he's still in a daze.... mumblin' and whimpering.... saying 'I want to die. I want to die.'.... Birds all gone. Oh, they still here, but not like where you can see 'em. ... Ghosts what stuck to the place still agitated. Don't see each and every one, but I can feel it. Like a smell, or a sound, or a 'lectrical charge. Like a sneeze what never happen. Sun rise soon. That make 'em quiet. guess all the energy in the air drown 'em out. But they still there lookin' an' touchin' everything.... like narrators what don't never shut up.

I the one, leader deluxe now. But 'one leader deluxin'' gone be lot a work. I can tell you that.

Gone go people killin' soon... 'cause I got hunger for a lot a meat.


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