Tuesday, October 22, 2013


They have these rooms in the tunnels... all kinds of rooms. City was gonna use them for storage, or restrooms for the new subway lines. But the trains never came. For ninety years they been buried there collecting dust and a whole bunch of other sickening crap too. Tomas and his mole-girl sex partners use one for their trysts. Was gonna be a break room, a place for ticket girls and broom-men to eat lunch and take a crap. The old b'rooms are still there. Got a closet filled with antique 'piano rolls.' That means toilet paper. Sinks got old metal dispensers you crank this powdered soap out of. Got cans of old, caked up powdered soap too. And all of it's covered in dust... maybe rat dander too.

Mole-girls dragged in this old mattress. Looks like it came from World War I. You know, that back in the day 'ticking' and all? That's where they lay. But first they do other stuff.  Tomas has this trick where he sublimates right through his clothes. The girls like it. Looks like something Bugs Bunny would do in an old Warner Bros. cartoon. He just stands there and goes WHOOSH!... Then he's fifteen feet out in front of his pants and all, which stand up fluttering and swaying for a few seconds before falling down on the floor. Other times he does it different... just steps steps through the garments like they're made of smoke. That's how he did it tonight. Aura and Silvia start clapping. New, human, 'familiar' kid sits on an old wooden folding chair taking it all in.  They'll let him watch the sponge bath part, but when they get to the other stuff I don't think they'll let him sit there. 

Sponge baths are like a ritual with them. Girls got these basins. White enamel they are. Real old. From one of the storage rooms. Chipped, but not too bad. Sponges look new... natural ones from some day spa down in The Concourse. That's an underground mall. Runs under the mid-town area. Think Kevin Bacon's father designed it back in the early nineteen fifties.  No, really. That's true. He was like a city planner. Like what Robert Moses was to New York, only people actually liked him. Side bar---- Do you know every time they plan a new construction project in Center City, Philadelphia, archaeologists have to 'OK' the area first, because they almost always find buried corpses, bones and artifacts from back in them powdered wig days. Washington Square park was an old cemetery. Didn't move the bodies or nothing. Just landscaped everything real nice so yuppie-dogs could crap all over 'em. Can't do that now though. Dead folks got rights too, you know. But let me get back to the floor show. 

First them girls wet him down real good. One do the front. One do the back. Sometimes they spin 'round and trade places.  Do every little part... all the bits and pieces. Vampire don't say nothin'. But you can tell he like it. Likes the soapy part too. Then they sponge it off with un-soapy water. After that, he do them, one at a time. Aura help him do Silvia. Silvia help him do Aura. Still quiet. No words. Got light, just a little bit, but enough, from two or three fat, creamy candles. Think mole-folk make 'em from dead pigeons. Every once in a while one a them tremble a little bit, 'cause it feel real good. 'Familiar' kid make like he readin' some old, dried up book they got down there. Not a book... a magazine actually..., old black and white National Geographic, from back when the cover just got printin' on it. It got mostly naked ladies doin' folk dances inside. Amazin' how much naked-ladies-doin'-folk-dances pictures they had a take back then. Guess people had a learn all the steps..... Then, when mole-girls all ready for Tomas a start pesterin' them, they shew kid outta there. Make him sit in a tunnel all by himself. But he not really all by himself, 'cause 'Ghost Teeth' Auggie out there too. He a mole-man wit' crazy teeth what glow in the dark, 'cause he drink a whole bottle (used bottles in them days) a radium paint from one a they storerooms. Was gonna use it for the numbers on clock faces, I guess, 'case the 'lectricity leak out. They was always feared 'lectricity gone leak out back in them days. Think it like spaghetti sauce, or somethin'. Auggie got an old, little plastic television. He set with it on his lap. All it get is movies... old black and white movies where all the folks is good an' dead. 'Familiar' kid start watchin'. Think it Gunga Din. Bunch a Englishters fightin' all them screamin' Hindu folks.But one Englishter look right at them. Auggie and the kid, I mean. Just like the screen a window and he can see right through it. Lookin', jus' lookin'. That when the kid see it not connected. He jump a little when it sink in, but not too much, considerin' what his last few days been like.

Then Tomas finishes, Gunga Din dies and they go back home.

Streets is quiet late at night. It like three thirty. Folks is out, but mostly they shuffle 'round like zombies. Nobody pay no mind to vampire and his 'familiar.' Good thing Tomas not shred his clothes when he sublimate through 'em, 'cause sometime he do that.

But not tonight.


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