Tuesday, October 22, 2013

THE ELEPHANT MAN makes the Vampire Known as Tomas Cry ... 10/23/13

I didn't know what to make of that new kid. Does he have family here? Are they looking for him? Is he in contact with them? What does he do? What talent does he have? Look, I've been servicing this blog for almost three years. Yeah, it's me, wilkravitz and I'm actually real concerned about this. We sit out in the small back yard... more like a glorified patio. And in the city it doesn't take much to be glorified. It's dark and it's cold. Not winter time cold, but considering we've had 'summer' til just about a week ago, it's cold. Edith drinks coffee. Even Tomas has a hot toddy. Conrad's back. And that other one... what's his name, 'Larry?' I lose track of them. Wasn't he 'dead' for a while? I don't know. But they're not here. Them two like to browse around an all-night supermarket. Come back with a whole mess a scented candles and a bunch a crap. Check out girls think they're crazy. They don't know they're vampires. Must think they're a couple. I don't know. 

Tomas is agitated. He wants to start something new and he's worried Sarah might not like it.  He really wants to be a superhero. Figures a vampire is perfect for that. Already has super powers and the requisite fashion sense. He likes the name too. Truthfully, it's already started. City Paper had an article about 'The Midnight Rambler' and how he saved some dude. (the 'dude' was that new kid). And street hoods don't want to get liquefied like them other thugs did. So now we got 'The Midnight Rambler'... 'M.R.'... and 'The Dark Mister.' Edith blows on her coffee and says she likes 'The Dark Mister' best. We all do.  But I don't know about 'Scratch.' That's what the new kid calls himself.  Wants a be 'Robin.' 

Tomas can't wait to go back out and do cool shit. Got his uniforms all ready. Bought a bunch a black skinny jeans at this Banana Republic store, the big one on Walnut Street. Got a mess of short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts... just white... only white.... Leather jackets look good though. Bought three of them... black, real trim, nice collar. You know they gotta stand up just right. And I don't have to tell you about the black, leather bootkins?.... 'Bootkins.'.... He likes that word. Think it goes back to his nights in Restoration London. I don't know what the new kid wears. He's got some type of outfit too. I don't know. But in all honesty, let me ask you, what the hell is he supposed to do when Tomas vanquishes low-lifes with his vampire, I mean 'super' powers? What, just stand there like a cheerleader? Oh, that ain't never gonna work. 

And Tomas, also known as Jonathon, is serious. Came to him when he was watching The Elephant Man. Made him cry too. Latched onto the fact that John Merrick, the main character, was only in his twenties. I don't even know if  'character' is the right word, because it's a true story. Michael Jackson had his bones for a while. I don't know who has them now. Hope Tomas don't buy them. Bet someday somebody'll get a hold of Michael Jackson's bones. Maybe Justin Bieber, or Lady GaGa wants 'em? 

But he was crying that night. Tomas, I mean. Sat there watching it all. And this was just a few nights ago, because he ain't been back that long. Said - Look at him, an innocent young man. A child actually who only wants to fit in. Who only wants peace. Look at him...... And then the part where he dies, because he only wants to sleep lying down like a normal person. Couldn't do that because of the size and balance of his head. Had to sleep all propped up. But one night, after attending a small reception that went quite well (upper crust London used him like a toy, like a penny dreadful horror story passed from hand to hand) he did. But he was not like everyone else and so he died. Some said his neck snapped. Some said he suffocated. But he died. And you don't ever want to see a vampire cry like that, 'cause imagine what he's seen in his life.... A thousand years, you know. 

I don't think he's gonna sleep here every morning. Tomas has hidey-holes all over town... museum storage rooms.... hidden attics... basements. And you know about the mole-folks down in the tunnels now. That 'Scratch' kid's gonna sleep here though. Where else is he gonna go? What's Tomas supposed to do, give him twenty bucks after they (really just Tomas) liquefy somebody and say - Here, go get yourself a cab?..... People are gonna start recognizing  him. Cabbies are gonna start saying- Yo, I had Scratch in my cab last night.... That ain't gonna be good. That can't be right. 

So we're sitting here freezing on the back patio. It's a private, little place, cozy with potted plants and all. Tomorrow night's frost will probably kill them. Edith will call a guy and have him put in Chinese Winter Cabbage. Tomas wants it to look nice. Sarah too. We got a little cupboard out here with lap robes. That's just a fancy, back-in-the-day word for thick, plaid, wool blankets. Like what Nucky Thompson covers himself with when he goes for a cold weather rolling chair ride in Boardwalk Empire. Shores actually at it's best on cold, bright, clear winter days. A lot of people don't know that. A lot of people don't know a lot of things....

Even vampires....


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