Saturday, October 26, 2013


It was too cold to sit out in the small back garden. They liked that spot and as vampirici were immune to germ borne illness. But the icy chill was uncomfortable and offensive to them, for it brings to mind the dead, cold nihilism of the tomb. Most night-folk, save for deranged individuals given to haunting cemeteries and ossuaries avoid it. They can tolerate it, but do not chose to. Vampires are by nature epicures, favoring comfort and fine trappings. Tomas is no different, though from time to time they like to get away, as he did during the recent wanderings into the north woods. So he and Sarah sat before the orange glow of a waning fire and he told her what he saw. Her concerns regarding his new 'superhero' thing, though very real, would wait. Impatient she is not.

The warm and comfortable 'family room' is a good place to talk. The trim, 'youthful' vampirino considered the tiny flames for a moment and began..... I'd forgotten how alive it is. No, maybe I always knew that, but I'd forgotten how aware it is too. - he said. Knowing entities are everywhere. And what we see as physical form is immaterial to them. Oh, they can project such a thing. They can be sprites, or Pucks, or I don't know, even Smurfs if they want. But most times they're just there, watching, knowing, whispering and sharing. Some are no more than glorified thought. Others are able to focus and manifest real, physical strength. 'Spirits of the wood' we call them. And by 'we' I mean vampires and mortals too. For what are we, but enchanted humans. I like the word 'enchanted' better than 'infected.' What kind of candle is that on the table there?..... Sarah leaned over and picked it up..... Is says 'Big Sur.' I guess it's a woodsy, ocean thing. - she said.... Then she lit it, for that's what he really meant. After a few heartbeats the aroma, which was really quite good, began to fill the room. 

Tomas went on - But humans are just things to them, walking, farting puppets. Hikers fart a lot, you know. It's what they eat. Or perhaps it's all the exertion walking over rough track. I don't know, but they do fart a lot. And the wood spirits pick up on it. Maybe that's why they leave vampires alone, because we don't do that. But I saw what they did to a twosome. A father and son I believe they were. All decked out in new fall gear. Pants tucked into socks, the better to avoid the little 'vampires' crawling there. So careful they were, with their knapsack filled with food and all. I wanted to warn them but it happened so fast. As it was daylight, I was deep in a cave, drifting rather then sleeping. But I monitor my surroundings via remote vision. You know how I do that. We all do, especially in strange surroundings. So I was helpless and couldn't have done anything anyway. Looking back, I think they meant to torture me too.

The boy seemed to be about eleven, or twelve. Just shy of what we would call an elferino (pubescent vampire) and such a good, little fellow he was, talking and smiling. He liked the animals, the chipmunks and all. But he slipped, just like that, down a steep embankment strewn with fallen trees, rocks, leaves and all manner of things. I think there was even a half rotted deer carcass. Tumbled down like a tossed doll. But one foot caught under a fresh, heavy tree trunk, while the rest of his body continued on its way. I don't know if that would have happened in nature, or if the wood spirits did it, but the trapped limb twisted and tore right off his body, just like a chicken leg chopped through the joint, though this was much more ragged. Even his pants ripped free. I can't remember if he made any noise. Remote viewing is like that. He just lay there, wide eyed and stricken, gasping like a fish. The father skittered down in an instant. I heard him. He screamed - No! No! No! No! No!.... Two heartbeats later he lost his footing and smashed his head on a jagged rock. He died quick, but the boy lingered for perhaps two or three minutes more. Oh how the blood drew flies. I couldn't hear it but I knew, no, I mean it... I really knew the wood spirits were laughing. They hate humans, you know. View them as bumbling interlopers. That's why they do what they do.... 'Lost in the woods'.... 'Killed by a bear'.... 'Drowned in the rapids'..... Do you think those things happen in and of themselves all the time?

Later, when it got dark, I came out and there in the moonlight said prayers for them. The old Hebrew Kaddish prayer. Magnified and sanctified be the Kingdom of The Lord and all that.... But the spirits still laughed. A few hours later I found a shuttered supply hut, a place where hikers could stop and buy things. I sublimated through the door, found what I needed and left a note telling them where to find the bodies. God knows what they made of that note, or how it got there. Everything still locked so snug and tight.

Then he stopped talking. He just sat there. And Sarah knew why he needed the solace of games. So she never said much about that 'Dark Mister' thing. Edith came down to remind them it'd be light soon. They thanked her and said that they knew. Then they went down together and slept...


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