Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tomas, the Vampire Unthinkingly Shredded The Center City Kid's Wallet ... 10/17/13

It's me, Billy channeling this tonight, not one of the disembodied spirits, 'cause they have this big Yahtzee tournament, or something.  That's a major activity in the next world. I don't pretend to understand. Them what passed on got issues.

But let me tell you what happened with Tomas and the Center City kid. Our night-folk hero took him to a rooftop redoubt he had. I think it's up on an old, what do they call them? not a warehouse .... Where the 'yuppies' live.... A LOFT! A LOFT! Yeah, he took him up on top of a loft. Kid was almost dead. Cruisin' down 'the tunnel' and everything. Saw Eleanor Roosevelt. Saw that dead guy from The Rolling Stones. Saw Sir Francis Bacon... Hedy Lamar. Was really getting into it. But Tomas laid him down and dripped a few drops of his ruby elixir (that means his blood) onto the kid's lips.  Guess it tastes like hot, rare steak, or something. 'cause the Center City kid licked it all up. Three heartbeats later WHOOSH! He ain't mostly dead no more. Sits up... starts searching for his wallet. Goes - Shit! Shit! Shit! W-w-where's my fuckin' money!?.... Tomas goes - Is that how you talk?..... Kid says - Who the hell are you? Where am I? What is this?! Where the hell's that Brian guy from The Rolling Stones!? My money! Where's my money!?... Tomas goes - Ai! Dios mio!.... He remembers... He remembers sublimating through one a them bastids down in the alley... And if the bastid got 'liquefied' or pulverized to a gruel-like state, so did the money, 'cause the money was in the wallet and the street-corner roughie-toughie was holdin' it.... Kid sees his face and knows. He goes - What are you? No, don't tell me. I don't want to know.... But he wants to know. Tomas can tell, so he exhales, grins just a little bit and flashes his fangs. Not big, gross, thick ones, like that Dracula poser has in them TV commercials. His are sharp and finely made and discreet.... like what an ocelot would have if it was in a movie and played like a vampire.... Kid jumps and feels his neck. Looks down his shirt. Runs his hands over his arms and legs.... Goes - What'd you do? Did you bite me?! Oh, God, please say 'no.' I can't be no vampire. I got an interview in New York next week..... Tomas goes - Relax, I did not drink from you. And it would take much more than that to make you as I am.... Then he whispers - I saved your life.... Kid goes - Thanks. What'd you do with the money? Am I allowed to ask? Is that OK?..... Tomas looks contrite. He says - Of course it's OK. I destroyed it. I accidentally destroyed it and don't worry. I'll make it up to you.... He thinks for a moment. After all, this is his first night back in town. Hasn't checked in with his 'familiars' (mortal facilitators), seen Edith, or anybody. He can get money. He can always get money. All he has to do is 'cull' some rich, low-life bastid on the street. But he doesn't want to do that. So he takes off his watch (the kid's watch got pulverized too, only he don't realize it yet), a Rolex Submariner with the 'Presidential' bracelet and hands it over. Says - Here take this. You can sell it in the morning. I believe it's worth four thousand dollars, but I may be a bit conservative..... The kid takes it. Not much light up there, but this thing gleams. He hefts it. It's heavy.... Says - Really? You sure?.... Tomas nods.... Kid studies the timepiece and absentmindedly licks his lip, tasting a bit of the blood. He reacts with an almost electrical tingle, but he looks puzzled... Tomas says - That's how I did it. That's how I saved you. You drank from me, not the other way around.... Kid whispers - Wow...

They climb down from there using a fire escape in the back. If he was by himself, Tomas would have sublimated. If you forgot, or don't know what that is, it's this 'thing' vampires do. They 'energize' their bodies. The very molecules move away from each other into an almost vaporous state. In that way they can pass through things... walls... people... air. When they move through living people it cuts them into a trillion bits and they die. Just like happened back there in the alley with that bastid guy. When they sublimate through air it's like flying, only faster.

You got to get used to these things, because the vampires are back now and they got a lot of tricks. 

Tomas takes the kid for coffee. They look a little worse for wear, considering what they been through and all. But the guy in the coffee shop don't say nothin', 'cause he knows Tomas. Don't know all the details, but he knows. Kid gets a scrambled eggs special. Vampire only gets coffee. He likes the smell and can tolerate small amounts of human fare, mostly the liquids.

Vampire says - Are you all right?... Kid stares off into the middle distance and goes - Uh huh..... Tomas says - So, what day do you go to New York? 

Kid shifts his gaze to the pre-dawn traffic outside (Center City is Philadelphia's really very respectable answer to Manhattan) and goes - What?... 

But Tomas knows the drill. Once they see the 'magic' the real world don't mean shit no more....


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