Tuesday, November 5, 2013


You know those scenes in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW where the mad scientist, twisted VICTORIA'S SECRET model played by Tim Curry does his 'thing' in that laboratory surrounded by all his tre 70's pseudo Andy Warhol-ish chorus people? Well, this execution was a lot like that. 

For the past two or three years we've given you the sanitized side of PHILADELPHIA AFTER DARK. Yes, there were hints at something else... Little Bastid Annie used to bite the toes off unsuspecting sleepers.... Resident ghoul, JOHNNY JUMP UP (victim of a premature burial) dragged a few squirming tid-bits up to the roof tops where he 'motor boated' his way into their blood rich, glistening, viscera packed abdominal cavity. The guy likes offal. What can we say? Paranormal folks tend to get that way. They have power. They have magic. They have hunger. They have drives.... a 'night buffet' that never ends...... You know, that'd be a good name for a horror movie...NIGHT BUFFET!! Quick, somebody text @eliroth ... But now back to 'the compound'.....

Functionaries ushered everyone into the galleries. Those in the first tier were issued plastic ponchos, should any errant bits of gore or tissue splash up that high. A few smoked medicinal marijuana to calm their stomachs, but some of the old timers who were used to these things munched left over Halloween candy. I mean it's a human body, right? Just science. That's all.

The two movie making kids sat up higher. It's not good for newcomers to sit down stream once the barfing starts. No matter what, there's always a few of them in the crown and some retching sons a bitches lose all sense of consideration when the churning starts.

Tomas wasn't with them. He was downstairs getting ready. And believe me, this part he hated. They had a woman who coordinated these events and she had a lurid sense of design.... all black leather and black rubber. Gave Tomas this little speedo thing. I don't know who made it. I'm just calling it 'speedo.' All black leather. Then she braided his hair like a late Georgian dandy. Powdered him up a little bit too, to accentuate the whiteness of his skin. Wanted to put some dusky smudges 'round his eyes, but he told her to 'go to hell.'  This wasn't the first time he was part of one a these shows you know. His costar was easier to dress, 'cause he got nothing, save a light dusting of pink powder to highlight his blood-filled body. You know, they used to costume victims in all them old Roman death shows too. Even gave 'em lines to say before they cued the lions. Everybody wants to direct.

Tomas had this thing. He didn't make it up. They told him to do it. God, the things people believe about vampires, his kind of vampire, would make you sick. He complained to Doctor Franklin, but the old reprobate, used to proto Grand Guignol (think German Impressionist early twentieth century cinema, though bloodier) productions in the salons and jewel-box-like theaters of eighteenth century Paris, tut-tutted his concerns. He wanted a good show too. 

So our reluctant, vampirino star had to bite off the fingers of the other guy, (at least two of them - one at a time) crunch right through the bone, hold it between his teeth like a knuckled asparagus stalk and hock it right  into the victim's eye. You know, vampires can do that with a lot of force. Worse than a bee-bee gun he was. Stuck out a them gushin' sockets like bug antennas. Guys screamed. They'd plead. But by that point the blood lust was all whipped up and there was no stopping him...

I'd channel more now, but I have to get up early tomorrow. Edith, the witchy-woman 'housekeeper' here at the townhouse wants me to drive her over the bridge into Jersey, so she can go to Wegman's. Who's she cookin' for? Hardly any humans in this place. But... that's the way it is.

Maybe some of her 'Piney' friends comin' over, or like a few a the 'Red Paint People?'

You gotta google them Red Paint People. I'm telling you. They are something else. You'll see...

Fiction, this is not.


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