Friday, November 1, 2013

Tomas performs a BLESSING for a GHOST....... 11/1/13


The vampire TOMAS sits crouched against a wall conversing with the pathetic GHOST bound to the skeletal remains. A weak, watery moonlight drips in through spidery cracks.

TOMAS - And you never left this place?


TOMAS - Why?

GHOST - I can't. I don't know. Don't ask me that. Oblivion 
                 would be better. At least I wouldn't 
                 feel the pain.

TOMAS - (nods) All right. (pause) Why did they do it? 

GHOST - (deafening shriek)

TOMAS - (locks hands over his ears and whispers) Stop it.

GHOST - No one hears. Only you. And who knows? Perhaps
                  I say nothing at all? Maybe you are crazy?

TOMAS - Maybe I am.

GHOST - (whispers) Take me with you.

TOMAS - (leans in and focuses on the empty 'eyes.') And 
                  how would I do that, balance you on my shoulders
                  like the transverse of a cross? You know 
                  that's bound to attract attention, especially on the 

GHOST - Then bury me. But not here. Take me outside. But 
                  bury me. Please.Oh, God, just bury me-bury me-
                  bury me-bury me- bury me. 

TOMAS - But you'll still be there, tied to the bones. You'll 
                  still be there, down in the dirt.

GHOST - How do you know? I don't care. Just do it. 

TOMAS - I can break the chains, or what's left of them. I can                     free you from the rod.

GHOST - You can do that?

TOMAS nods.

GHOST - Tell me. I don't see you. I just feel
                  you. Say it. Tell me.

TOMAS - Yes, I can.

And the GHOST begins to sob.

EXT. nearby moonlit glade. TOMAS smooths the dirt over 
          the fresh grave with his hands. then he jabs the heavy
          rod into the ground as a 'headstone,' and silently
          mouths a prayer. After that he looks around, finds a 
          small rock and gently places it by the makeshift marker.

NOTE - in his faith a small stone left at a grave means 'my 
               God and my Redeemer lives. A Sheltering Rock, 
               when 'ere I fall.'

TOMAS brushes himself off, chooses a path and leaves. we FOCUS on his back as he departs. 

GHOST'S VOICE - Thank you.

TOMAS -  (quietly) Please, no need.
Now he has a companion...


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1 comment:

John L. Harmon said...

Billy...this may become a personal favorite of mine.
The exchange between Tomas and Ghost is a nice mixture of humor and pathos.
I especially enjoyed the "Maybe you are crazy?" "Maybe I am" moment!