Thursday, December 19, 2013


They've waited for this event since June twenty first. Indeed, in the past some ticked off nights on special calenders. No one knows who made them. Early examples were etched onto thin, translucent panels fashioned from a mixture of pulverized mother-of-pearl and liquefied Baltic amber. I do not know how the fossilized tree resin becomes fluid. According to passages in La Ciencia Vampirismo, steamy bile from the third stomachs of Hunnish Dragons has something to do with it, which is strange, since most noble (moral, high-minded, religious believer) vampires eschew sing-song spells and toy-like charms. Power is just power and trinkets have little to do with it. But artistry is something else. And vampires do appreciate beauty. 

The old words engraved upon the shimmering, milky surface are filled with gold dust ground from the skull caps of long dead saints. What they used back before the advent of today's organized faiths eludes me. Oh, Tomas believes in saints... with a 'most perfect faith,' as he says. Creed of Israel is big on that and always has been. Into each generation thirty six blameless souls are born and for their sake creation goes on. But the names of these most perfect vessels are known only to God. Even 'the select' don't know.

And Tomas has one of those panels, an old one made in Ityl or Sarkel at the court of The Khazar King, but don't ask me which one. They had Kagans and Bachs and War Dukes  and Horde Leaders and I can't keep up with that. It's older than he is, though, even counting the mortal years. Took it from a shattered night-fiend in Muscovy, he did. Just a bauble.... a cultural curiosity. No real spiritual meaning. Not to him anyway. It's hidden somewhere in the townhouse. A 'familiar'... an old one... a trusted one, in fact the very one charged with 'growing the fortune (investment counselor) says it's forth forty million. That's what the people at Sotheby's said, but he'll never sell it. 

You know, Australian Aboriginal night-folk mark 'Dark Night' too, but theirs, obviously falls on June  twenty first. The tilt of the planetary axis and all that. And in a way, that celestial event is our only pan-global holy day. Pagan types, among the mortals, I mean... druids... wiccans... Endorian witches ... have their own versions, though Vampire Dark Night is paramount. They all came out for this one, regardless which human creed they retain. Tomorrow night you'll see. And I know this 'blog' or whatever it is they call it has been warping and weaving for more than two years. We could have told you earlier, but we did not. To everything there is a season and patience is its own reward.... do-dah... do-dah.

They have a place. It's outdoors... always outdoors... where they all go... Past wrongs are forgotten... Hatreds denied.  I think in the city it happens on a rooftop. Oh, not a low one... nothing ordinary... High up... Very high up. What's that building? The one with all the lights out front.... The one that commandeered television?... The Comcast Building! That's it! The Comcast Building.... That's the place. That's where they'll be.... All of them... Might even be one or two you've never met before.

A few mortals will be there too. Not in any official capacity. But they're rich and they're curious and they want to be there, so we let them. If he's 'around' I'm sure 'Papa' will go. Might not talk, or interact with anybody, but he'll be there. If no one introduces you to him (and they won't), look for a guy that resembles a thirty two or thirty three year old Richard Gere.... Slightly longer hair though.... Is he powerful?..... Oh, yeah.

But if you're mortal and if you're there, please try to give off as little scent as possible.  I mean natural scent.  I mean YOUR scent.  I mean 'human' scent...

Because on 'Dark Night,' you never know which way this thing is gonna go...

Forgive me if I've rambled. But I died last year at this time... 

And the memory is still quite fresh...


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