Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fear The Crypt ... is the new big site and you gotta follow it and join it ...1/23/14

I type this in the little bitty letters so you gotta get close and put you nose right up into it.

No able to blog it the vampirici of my regular stuff because they ran out into the icy streets with them

God damned elferinos and elferinas and I gotta stay back here in the red brick townhouse 'cause

..... No,.... I don't wanna tell you because. But lot a you know we just pretend this is the fiction.

And here where you get injected with horrific truth. Watch it the video. Join it the site. Click on JOIN IT THE SITE ... and trade communicative impulses with them at ... too. Click on that too. I just forget to type it. ...Morphing into a creature I am...and it is hard  to shape it the 'brain visions' in the english.

Why did I tell you this?...... If you want to make me (when I am in the 'Billy' mode) very happy, click it on this ~>MAKE HIM IN THE BILLY MODE HAPPY  ... or join me on ~>THE TWITTER ...

Now I gotta do not do this no more tonight...'cause I about a crash through the window and race through the streets

where the hell them God damned elferinos?...

Oh, the BIG MOVIE MAKIN' make you scream and pee guy ELI ROTH make it #TheCrypt too.

Now you know. So do it and join............

(vaults through the glass, leaving a crimson trail of blood drops in the snow...)


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