Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Prisoner From Moscow Serves A Purpose ... 1/5/13

Stalin wanted to create an invincible army of ape men. Human scientists readily donated home-grown reproductive cells from their own loins. And she-apes confiscated from zoos, or circuses served as receptacles. Originally orangutan women were used as petri dishes, but the harvest was shitful. The genetic make-up just wasn't close enough. Chimpanzee and pygmy chimpanzee women (now called bonobos) worked better. Not every match resulted in a bouncing little fuzz ball, though some did.  And the most promising specimens were nurtured, while lesser varieties perished. Most were thrown directly into one of the huge iron furnaces down in the cellars. They didn't scream long. Indeed, most seized up immediately and didn't scream at all. Twenty five hundred degrees fahrenheit will do that to children, even somewhat simian looking children. And when the plug was pulled on the whole shebang in nineteen thirty six, or nineteen thirty seven, even the top dogs were put down. First they were injected with a muscle relaxant to make them more tractable. Then they were summarily thrown in a pit... more like a large, round deep well, covered with truckload after truckload of pulverized rocks and gravel and sealed under twenty eight meters of cement. I'm told there was probably enough air trapped in the rock and gravel mixture to keep them alive for hours. I wonder if they called out to each other.

Madam Shang picked this place. The powerful spirit bearing that name came here. Once she was a vampire, or something like a vampire. But that was so long ago, even before the Lady Renates time. If you've traveled with us since the beginning, or soon after, you know that name. The Lady Renate gave rise to the one called 'Papa' and they go back to the Cro-Magnons. Magic has always existed. You yourself might be drenched in it and not even know. There are ways to access that elusive quality and we could tell you, but this is not the time. 

But the Madam left her 'toy' here. She tires of them, you know and there have been many, usually drawn from the ranks of 'younger' and more human vampires. The Russian, vampire, oligarch, known as Gregori Usipov was one of those. She liked his strength and passion, so she kidnapped him. And all his billions and all his private jets couldn't keep the Madam away. For a while he had fun. Her treasures are many and the pleasures were overwhelming. She took him to coronations in ancient Sumer, toddler burnings in Carthage and opulent tiger hunts in Mogul India. Some of the tigers could talk. They dallied with prostitutes in le Vieux Carre, long before The War Between The States and ate shish-kabobs made from centaur meat on worlds 'round other suns. Though after a time he missed his physical body, even though the spirit one she gave him could imitate it in many ways it still was not the same. She stalled. She promised. She cajoled. But really she did not care and at one time considered leaving him on an icy, lifeless, Jovian moon. Not Europa... one of the crummy ones. Truth is The Madam Shang could not find his body. Things are so easily misplaced in the magical realm. There is no time. There is no place. It's all quite fluid and hard to control, even for a near immortal entity like her. So in a fit of remorse she dumped him here. The spiritual frissson is quite strong what with the dead 'almost babies' floating around.  That plus that other one, the mortal prisoner from Moscow, makes it the perfect melange for a body hungry vampire. The mix of the spirit and the flesh and all. Gregori Usipov might not get his body, but he'd get somebody's.

The prisoner didn't know his part in all this, as he blindly stumbled through a storage area. Hard, corrugated boxes. Large, sharp edged metal chests. Coffin-like cases sealed with canvas straps. Piled high and all around him. His hands were scraped and cut. His shins were bleeding too. The filthy pants provided little protection. And maybe they could smell it. Maybe they sensed the life there? The pin-head thing apparently knew enough to avoid this place, but he did not...

Then there in the blackness he saw them... two tiny beads of light glowing red in the dark. Small and close together they were..... And they came toward him, moving along in a slow, steady fashion. He froze and by the faintest glow emanating  from those unblinking orbs he saw the figure..... A man it seemed to be.... A shadow man holding a baby... A baby with red, staring eyes... And the man who cradled it had no head.

But the 'baby' didn't seem to mind...


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