Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Vampire , Tomas, Tells More and Noah Levine Makes Good Fright Vids 1/25/14

Tomas went to Doctor Franklin's complex. He liked The Anti-Enchantment Bureau. Sometimes he even lets Doctor Franklin study him. He's been hooked up to the Grand Armonica... hung suspended in the air on a 'web' of carefully balanced sound waves. The 'residence,' the part where Franklin lived was pretty good too. Like a pretentious, old, eighteenth century house... polished floors... fine carpets... handmade furnishings. Even had a harpsichord. not an old one. Three music history majors at Penn built it, but it looked old. Sounded old too. And the windows! The windows were a marvel. Remember, the whole place is underground, so they were really high definition video screens, but the real good ones, like the Japanese have. And the sights seen through each were completely authentic.... horse drawn traffic... boys rolling barrel hoops.... old patriarchs in sedan chairs... costermongers... dashing members of the militia, mounted  on high stepping, chestnut chargers. Weather changed with the season. ..... All C.G.I.. During visits, Tomas would sit in the inglenook for hours, staring out at illusions from long ago... and not just night, but daylight too. A vampire, like Tomas, appreciated that. Life in Franklin's residence felt almost normal. Even had a small, fragrant kitchen garden out the backdoor. The sky must have been a screen too. Clouds looked real. And the sun was just right. 

They sat and played chess. Tomas and the Doctor, I mean. Franklin claimed the pieces were carved from Indian ivory, specially for a Sassanid emperor in far off Persia. Tomas suspected a more recent provenance, but the ivory was still quite good. Thousand year old vampires know these things.  It was all in the weight, in the heft. You could feel that right away. and since he was technically a guest here, he almost always let the old scientist win.

With the last checkmate Doctor Franklin looked up and said - Will you help him?........ Tomas sighed - Yes, I suppose so..... Then he turned and studied the pathetic, newly incarnated vampire-oligarch babbling away in the corner. Franklin had him dressed in one of the Kelly green Philadelphia Eagles sweat suits. After all, he had chests filled with them. Front office contacts sent new ones every year. So let the one time vampire-oligarch drool all over it. Let him mumble to himself. He can't see. He can't hear. The switch over in Russia didn't go right. Can you blame him?

Tomas could have just sent over vials of his blood. But Franklin says he wants 'fresh.' He's got his reasons. He's got his theories.  Too much trauma. And he doesn't know what happened to the Moscow, haberdasher's assistant who vacated the body to make room for the homeless vampire spirit in the first place. Feels guilty, I guess. 

'Papa,' Tomas' twenty eight thousand year old progenitor, has this thing he does. But remember at his age he got a lot a 'resonance' vibrating around him. I don't know if he still need a be no vampire, or if it is just a habit. If you read the part 'bout 'magic' last time, you know. 

But he can whoosh your spirit out a your body real fast..... like a big-flush-modern toilet in a men's room... WHOOSH!... you gone.... Pow! send you right to the sun. Feel like you still in the flesh, but you ain't. You floatin' right over what look like lava for giants... Like lava for BIG giants. Them hundred foot waves beneath you really eight thousand mile waves. But you don't burn, because you body ain't wit' you. An' you wanna close your eyes, but you can't, 'cause eyelids ain't wit' you either. So you look at sights so huge they make you crazy. Even when he whoosh you back, you still gone be crazy. You still gone be screamin' crazy, 'cause you see what nobody should ever see...not close up like that.  An every star you see at night jus' the same. Some much worse. Much bigger. Much hotter. Stars is the main thing. Planets just dust. Planets just little bitty dingle-berries swirlin' 'round some big, old horrible scary thing in the sky. And that's the way it is. 

You know planet can move 'round don't you? Other world drive by real fas' , bump you right out a there. Send you flyin'. Oceans get all shook up. Wash over land like a mountain. But you not got a worry, 'cause when you see wave what push clouds away, you not gonna get drowned. You gone get smashed.. You gone go 'POP,' jus' like bubble in plastic wrap. An' you gone feel it all too. It happens... Nature doan care. Nature doan even know you here...

Some a you gone dream 'bout it. Maybe it not a dream? Maybe you rememberin' somethin'... somethin' you seen once?... Who knows? 

Universe got lot a shit gone on... like a big Rube Goldberg wit' knives and teeth and rocks and fire.

Tomas gone help. He gone help Doctor Franklin right somethin'. 

Look at that mumblin' blind, death thing in the corner. Wonder what he sees?

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