Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Haunted Prison ; Eastern State Penitentiary - Part One - Philadelphia Pe.. Can't post regular Vampire Wonderland stuff tonight. But this is TOO good to miss 3/5/14.

Even media outlets who NEVER admit the existence of entities in the dark cover manifestations here on a regular basis. Eastern State Penitentiary spans the era (200 years ago) when dungeons became prisons. Few cities in Europe have any surviving places like this, except perhaps the old municipal dungeons in Venice. The Halloween Ghost Tour is not to be missed.. Not just theater majors in make-up. Some of the people in THIS show have already shed the mortal coil. Go with friends. Bring religious talismans of your choice. Prepare to face the truth...


cue the tape. and when you're done, search it on You Tube. They tell me the guy (STEVE) who put this up has more.


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Now if you didn't already do it, PLEASE, watch the tape. And PLEASE #2... Go search it on You Tube to see the rest of the collection.

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