Sunday, March 2, 2014

OVER THERE - DANDY YANKEE (COLORIZED) ---- now imagine it in a patriotic movie set on Mars?..

Not our regular post. That'll come later after the OSCARS. But who wants to see this picture?~~~> a terraformed Mars, much like the AMERICAN Southwest...... the population, centered around the capital city of BARSOOM (pronounced bar-sum) and other towns, though many old original families have huge ranches out in 'el polva rosa' (the red dust) and are called 'Troopers' a la cavalry of old American frontier. The unofficial anthem of the Five Territories (Mars Montana, East Equator, West Equator, North Mars, South Mars) is SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON (they sing it all the time when they're drunk). One old Trooper family are the Texacos, holders of a huge spread and breeders of prize pegasus (bio-engineered winged horses). Family scion Bobby Joe Texaco poised for a run at THE STONE HOUSE (Martian 'president's' residence). But dastardly invaders from beyond The Ort Cloud swoop in. It's WAR! America (basically most of the Earth, the moon and an outpost on Europa) is slow to respond. Martians go it alone. Anti-war sentiment strong back home. Aliens gain upper hand. But at the last instant Earthside sentiment flips (maybe after an alien raid there too?). And HUGE squadrons of AMERICAN space planes flying in formation, streak over the Martian horizon, filling the sky, as two young boys race up a hill, plant an AMERICAN FLAG and salute just as the armada speeds by overhead and rallies in BARSOOM and WASHINGTON (other places too) break into the 'king' of patriotic anthems ... George M. Cohan's OVER THERE!... (cue the music up above). And as the film fades a rather 3D slide of a HUGE AMERICAN FLAG flying in the breeze, fills the screen and says --- BUY WAR BONDS!....... BOOM--- THE END OF  El Rancho Texaco I..... coming soon... EL RANCHO TEXACO II ..... I think the people filling multiplexes would stomp and cheer. We NEED a movie like this.... and just in case you want to know, the AMERICAN anthem is .... God bless America,

Worlds that I love,

Stand beside her.

And guide her,

Through the night.

With a light from above.

From the sun-worlds.

To the ice-worlds,

And the sea-worlds,

White with foam.

God bless America,

My home sweet home.

God bless America,

My home sweet home!!


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