Sunday, March 30, 2014


Pig Blood Annie cried too. She said - Don't worry, baby girl. I'm here. I'm Here. I'M HERE!..... But there was a sharp pulse through the air, like an ethereal shock wave. When it passed, the elferino known as Peter was there at the back of the house, still as a statue. Yet they heard his voice. And he said - SO AM I!!... With that the seemingly pubescent figure slowly made his way down the aisle. As he did the flesh bubbled and frothed all over his body like a pink, bloody spume, hard to see in the darkness, but visible nonetheless.  The watery slop ran down his skull, over his shoulders and onto the carpet, where it boiled for a heartbeat or two before disappearing into the neat, dense pile.  Only the eyes remained, two, cold, wet 'things' staring straight ahead. He passed by a ghost, or two, but the shadowy figures did nothing.

Then the 'born' witch (that's Pig Blood Annie in case you're new) just groaned.... Tomas and Sarah followed her gaze and looked up. The 'man in the box' was gone. So was the child in his arms, though the huge chandelier swung ever so slightly. The crystals jingling like laughter.

The vampires retreated to that space between the first row of seats and the orchestra. Sarah wanted to run, but her legs wouldn't move. So Tomas stood by her, watching as the witch lunged at the skeletal form, her fists clenched over her head, a virago she-bear, footsteps pounding desperate to save her grandbaby. Just before contact the bony 'marionette' that was Peter raised his left arm and pointed, cracking through her breast-bone, piercing the heart and shattering the spine before casting her off, a quivering mound of ruined flesh, wedged in the narrow space between two rows of seats. And then he came for the vampires. The magicians and alchemists of Old Istanbul taught him well.

The elferino craved the blood. He wanted its power and strength. And Tomas was the blood. Now it might have happened differently. He might have willingly joined in communion with this far removed off-spring..... But this 'twig' was 'blighted' and unfit for the gift...

Tomas held his ground (Sarah cowered behind him) and waited for what would come.......

And the gilt figures adorning the walls and arches of this place looked down.


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