Friday, April 11, 2014

Cabaret - willkommen <~~ enjoy this and WELCOME to ZOMBIES vs MALL RATS .. something different for a few weeks... 4/11/14

The vampirinos are neurotic for a little while... all dizzy over the passing of Tomas aka Jonathon. So we are bringing it to you this  new bit of alternate reality, detailing the gory confrontation of two sworn enemies... two coherent and highly organized suburban tribes... homo-necrotic- cannibalis, commonly known as 'ZOMBIES' and  homo-juvenalis-foodcourtalis, called 'MALL RATS.' I am sure you are acquainted with at least one of these loathsome specimens. Or, who knows, you may be specimen youself? Look into the shiny surface on the outside of medicine/ acne place. Are you seeing pallor?... vacant sleepy eyes?... bed head (not just hair.  whole skull)? ... red stained teef (lipstick count too, you know)? Well, then you are one... And it really make not any difference which snot nosed oligarchy dues are being paid to. Is all I can tell you at this early date. But, ah, players are beginning to coalesce.....

Ewww... What's In My Smoothie?!

Presenting sneering, tooth-sucking Sophia-Electra, princess of Foul-Mouthed-Back-Stabbing-White-Girls. Every day after escaping gulag of ninth grade, she gather acolytes in food court... joyously bitter Sybil-Roxanne and gum cracking diva Opal-Felice, where they fantasize 'bout boosting short-shorts and fine, needlepoint tampon holsters  from Short-Shorts & Tampon Holsters 'cross from Body Waxing & Lemonade. Sometime they go to movie. Sit in dark and text. Pimple-face kid say - Go in... They go in. He think they mush up with him. But that not taking place. 

Mall is life. House is death. Father bellow. Mother scream. Tuna fish, tuna-fish, tuna-fish... How much tuna-fish? Beer and Coca-Cola... Cupcake and ice cream. Nobody shit right. Shit like dopes they do. City want send little brother to school for boy who shit like dope. They want train him. So mother get bran flakes and then he pass de test.

Girl who mix banana, strawberry and ice in mixer give them drink. Sometimes she put milk in too. They give her earrings, treasures from Claire's, abducted from basket on counter. Sometimes anklets too. But they do not give her short-shorts, 'cause she too ugly. Not in legal sense of  word, just everyday ugly. No one gone lock her up.

One day rubber thing in drink.... little thing all pink, gray and yellow. Princess of Mall Girls go - Eww! What kind crap is this?.... Girl who mix drink go- What you care? You not pay....

But they know. It not rubber. It flesh... It zombie meat... 

They look up. See stain on food court ceiling. Something drip. Go 'plop' on table... Shhh, zombie up there... or corpse soon to be zombie.

Mall rat hate zombie. Zombie hate mall rat. 

That just how world is. You know.

(next time you meet Zombie King)---- I disembody spirit. Dead in Smolensk since Khanate of Golden Horde, but that whole other story...

<please forgive me. {it's Billy} I'll get it right. don't know who the heck this disembodied spirit is and zombies are a new 'thing' to me....'Zombie King?'..wonder what that means.


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John L. Harmon said...

Is it wrong to root for zombies?