Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Once upon a time, she had a cozy, little book shop on a narrow, cobbled street. Once upon a time she was mortal. But then she assumed 'the burden' and was no longer mortal. Things changed. She gave up the shop and hid from the sun. Though at least she had Jonathon, her vampirino consort. But he is dead now and Sarah is alone. 

The others look at her. Edith and Leo and Billy and Baylah. The elferinos and elferinas stare too. They say - Are you Alright? Would you like some tea? ... And Sarah says 'yes' or 'no' or 'thank you.' Sometimes she just smiles. Not a real smile. Not a happy smile. Just a thing she does with her face. 

Doctor Franklin drops in. He brought Luna once. Edith bought new linens for Sarah's sleeping chamber. Like an ivory color. They always get ivory. Edith makes sure the whole townhouse is spotless. Not that Sarah would say anything, buy you know. Tonight she went out for the first time. Leo said he'd go with her. In case you're new, he's a vampire too. Edith isn't. And I'm not. I'm Billy. I run this blog thing for them. Listen to me. I still say 'them.' Actually I started about three and a half years ago, right before Sarah came. Look, you want to know how it is? We KNOW he's not gone. Not really. Because if paranormal, or spiritual 'beings' like them can exist, how can we NOT believe in something more?

She told Leo it was alright and she wanted to go alone. So he let her. Edith heard her cry as she got dressed. What? You think vampires are so different? You think they're not human? What are they shaped like, turtles? They're humans. We're humans. We're mortals. They're not. Everybody's different.

I don't think she's gonna 'cull' anyone tonight. Not her time of month. But she'll walk down the streets, through the financial district, down The Avenue of The Arts... all bundled up against the damp and the chill. Not like she's gonna catch a virus or anything, but cold is cold. Nobody wants to be miserable. 

Maybe she'll go to Baylah's place? Maybe she'll go to the piano bar. They're supposed to close by 2AM. No, they have to stop selling liquor by 2AM. But coffee's alright. Sometimes they serve scrambled eggs and toasted muffins. They got a kitchen, a small one for like gourmet chili and these fancy, little sandwiches. I love that place. Guy does the whole 'American Song Book.' Woman he alternates with does Broadway, jazz and all..... I bet Sarah and Baylah get a lot closer. Not that they weren't before. But with Jonathon being gone and all. 

Some parts of town get real quiet late at night. She might be the only one coming down the street. But you won't hear her. Night-folk are quiet. And if she has a pair of sneakers on, forget it. Every so often a homeless guy might look up from a steam vent, or a recessed doorway, but they won't do anything. Mortals don't bother vampires. They just don't. Doctor Franklin says there must be a physical explanation. Says it must be a pheromone , or some kind of scent they give off. But he's a scientist and you know how they are.

Bet she goes into a hospital and cures sick people. Finds the worst ones. Sneaks into their rooms. I guess it's like a kind of hypnosis. They can cloud people's sight. No one stops her. She goes to the bed, bites her lip and lets a drop or two of vampire blood fall into an old, open, wheezing, snoring mouth. Next day 'mom-mom' is all better, though sometimes daddy's got chest pains. Some nights she cures babies. Then it's always alright. Sarah likes the dim, blue night lights and the quiet hallways...... Once she cured a sick Lhasa Apso at an animal shelter. Wasn't breathing. Just laying on the table. No one in the room. Dribbled in a drop or two and left. Vet's assistant comes in, sees doggie jumpin' around and playing. Almost has a stroke. Look, how was Sarah supposed to know they just 'put it to sleep' ten minutes earlier 'cause an irate boyfriend pumped a bullet in its head. Woman took it back though. Now she got the only Lhasa Apso with a sixty five year life span. Gonna be a really crapped up lawn at that house.

Look, we all feel horrible and we're just trying to find our way. Jonathon's gone and that's how it is. Late-Night-Steve Harvey just went off and I'm done typing this. So let me go to sleep.


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John L. Harmon said...

Melancholic and beautiful.

Billy Kravitz said...

Just a window into the reality of vampire life in the city. I feel like we both write graphic novels only (sigh) without the graphic part. Did u hear about the new Twitter format? Bigger & more visual. God I have to learn how to post pictures.