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OK, now here goes ~~~~~~~~

Sophie and Sybil heard the scream. Sophie whispers - That was Opal. I know it..... Sybil just nods. She nods a lot. You know those nice, little, ten year old, fairy-princess, London girls who dropped out of second grade (they been doing this a while) to become disciples of Ellen and talk real fast and jump up and down on her show? ... Well, Sybil'd be the second banana. She'd be the 'Rosie' one. ... So they stand there, still as statues, trying to hear it again. But, under the floor, Ralphie sniffs. He's real good at smelling humans. Ezekiel sniffs too. Zombies possess an extremely well developed sense of smell. They can pick out a stray human at least a half mile off over cold, frozen tundra... chocolate bars too, only they don't eat them. They use them to lure lost, little children. 

Down below, Ralphie gestures. Ezekiel silently kneels beside Opal, slapping his cold, clammy hand across her mouth. He leans close and whispers - You so much as fart and I'll suck your eyes out..... She cooperates. Ralphie quietly unplugs a cheap string of pastel, Easter 'Christmas' lights (their only illumination) pilfered from the dollar store, lest an errant photon escapes.... And they wait... silent as a tomb. After perhaps a few dozen heartbeats, Sybil shifts position, standing right on top of the galvanized, tan painted trap door. It's locked. It's bolted from below. They can't open it. But she absentmindedly rocks back and forth, sending metallic echos down into the lair. Opal tenses. Her nostrils flare. Ezekiel wants to choke the girl with his other hand, however, Ralphie admonishes her with a raised finger. She exhales and relaxes, if that's the right word. ..... Ezekiel whispers - Oooh, warm... in anticipation of the small meal to come.... 

After a time the would-be zombie hunters depart. You'd think they might have detected the charnel house stench wafting up from what was left of Gary. But it's colder down below than it is up above. Provided pressures are equal, air tends to flow hot to cold. Or at least in this universe it does. Ezekiel kisses Opals quivering closed eyelids. He says - No noise...... Then he lets go of her mouth. She gasps . She coughs. Ezekiel slaps his hand back where it was, glares at Ralphie and goes - The Krazy Glue! Give me the Krazy Glue!.. He finds it mixed in with a lot of crap kept in a junk box under a table.  She whimpers as Ezekiel runs a thin bead of the strong mastic between her lips and pinches them shut. Ten heartbeats later, they're sealed. Lucky she's not a mouth breather. But she chirps like a scared, little bird, wide eyed and trembling, as the two flesh eaters remove her clothes and score her body with tiny, sharp bites, creating wounds for the microbial lifeforms to enter. Then they put her in a big, black, plastic lawn bag. Not her head, though. Don't want her to suffocate. Gotta be buried alive. Gotta live through it all. Dig her way out. Oh, it might take a while, no matter how much she panics. And not 'can't find your car clicker' panic. This will be a deep, real, soul shaking visceral terror... beyond words... beyond comprehension. That's why all zombies are crazy. Some vampires might understand... a little bit anyway. But they don't really need the oxygen, while zombies most definitely do.... Still, some, little prion or virus mixed in with those microbes will take care of that, preserving her life and oxygenating her blood til she makes it to the surface.... up to a point, because a certain number never break through. And after a while the life force fades leaving spent bodies hanging in the soil like newly minted fossils. 

Gary, on the other hand, will need a lot more work. His 'leavings' are a bit iffy... Zombie, or fertilizer? Hard to tell.

So the two ghoulish fiends carefully unlocked the galvanized trapdoor, checked for witnesses (Sophie and Sybil were apparently holed up somewhere else), manhandled a limp Opal up through the opening and laid her on the floor. Then they locked up and dragged her (plastic bag helped) to a nearby, half hidden door. Ezekiel had the key. No electronic lock here. This one's off the grid.

Woods come closer to the mall at that point, so they dragged her over the blacktop and disappeared into the trees.  Opal knew what to expect.

She's gonna be buried alive......

(more tomorrow)


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