Wednesday, May 21, 2014

for EL RANCHO TEXACO fans (we'll go back to the non-decomposing zombies & ghosts tomorrow) .. 5/21/14

It rained for forty days. And the ground drank it in. Basins became seas and wadis ran rich with the blood of creation. Mountains turned to islands and rainbows grew like vines. 

Then came the 'manna,' specially created seeds meant for the twice born land. That which was red became green. Bees were seen in the meadows and flowers and apples too. 

Behold, Mars breathes - they said.. our Sister is renewed. 

They came from the old places... troopers all, with memories of The Alamo and The Pampas and The Outback and The Bush. Great arks... space trains they were, taking people and dreams from Earth to a new place. Silver caravans stretched 'cross an endless sky with names like The City of New Orleans and The Rio de la Plata and the River Ganges.... 

Lower gravity worked its magic and 'The Tall People' came to be... flinty eyed settlers, self sufficient upon the plains. Cattle and livestock were transformed too and Pegasus flew once more.

After a time the people said - Let us build a settlement, a city, where we can trade our bounty and come together for good things. Thus was born Shiloh, Thebes and other places.

These were the first days. Mars grew strong and dynasties came to be. Those with power vied for seats in The Stone House. And those without cheered loudest. 

Come with us now to yesteryear... to a time when chupacabras roamed the high places and Tuva-Tuva clans remembered secrets. 

Behold, these are the days of EL RANCHO TEXACO...... The West was won a second time and that time happened here.......

After we finish the current zombie-ghost story arc, we're going back there... to a place where 'first families' are called 'troopers' and the national anthem is SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON ....

The ghost of John Ford lives......

(forgive me this indulgence, but I love that story arc and am sore pressed to go back there... so if you're a TROOPER google EL RANCHO TEXACO by Billy Kravitz and scroll around... Return with us to El Polva Rosa.... And polish up your Spanglish... and maybe those spurs.)

You wanna see? Google SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON... either the song or movie trailer on You Tube...

Cotton Eyed Joe.... Cotton Eyed Joe...

and that's it for tonight.


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