Tuesday, May 27, 2014


A bigger fish always comes by. Lars and Uther thought they had her (Opal, I mean), but she got snatched up by that spare, fit, scientist bitch. That's how it is. And them what got the power don't care what you know. What the hell are you gonna do about it? When I started this 'blog' almost four years ago, the very first line was - First of all we must agree that what comes next is fiction.... And apparently there's no argument. I tell you about the life-eaters lightly sprinkled over most big cities and it's 'fairy tales.' I tell you 'bout Doctor Franklin's more-than-top-secret compound under The Philadelphia Navy Yard and it's 'comic book time.' The elferinos and elferinas are true. The Jersey Pine Barren witchie-folk are true. Ditto the mole-people and the ghouls and, now we got the zombies, primarily the non-decomposing intelligent variety. Twitter.com/Syfy <~~~( conveniently clickable link) knows. Go see. Go ask. But the vast majority of people in The Twitter.com/#vampirewonderland (and we're ALL in that) think it's merely a pixilated entertainment. What pawns. A few of you know. Small groups of midnight wanderers have been turning up outside 'the townhouse' and Baylah's 'piano bar' and along the preternatural, cobbled warrens of Society Hill. They've seen them... Tomas (before his demise) and Sarah and Luna.... Remember Mister Muggs, the accidentally 'vampire-ized' one hundred and eighty five pound manic chimp? He was a good one, rest his soul. And the Russian, billionaire, vampire, oligarch, Grigori Usipov (in a brand new body and everything) is still out there. Some of you know what his ebony jet, The Baba Yaga, looks like. But please don't get too close. His Siberian Tiger Pits are no place to die.

'The World is so full of a number of things... I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings'... Robert Louis Stevenson said that... Trouble is, there already are kings.

Zombies fight vampires and three castes of Lycanthropes fight each other. Vampire Wonderland is an oozing pustule of truth... Just keep squeezing.

But ponder this... How easy it is to control minions of night-folk... Vampires, zombies, lucid wanderers... who cares?... They kill those deserving of death and preserve those worthy of life... No 'high tech.'... Simple, direct and absolute.

You've heard stories... planted snippets of convenient 'truth.' Unwitting aliens are behind it... They're just a natural side-bar to human evolution, or (my favorite)--- no one really knows.

Well.... somebody does.

Explore... google Vampire Wonderland by Billy Kravitz... and add any intriguing term you like... lucid wanderers... Grigori Usipov... Jersey Pine Barrens... elferinos... cherubs... mer-folk... After more than 800,000 words the possibilities are endless. 'Links in a chain... May no man know its source'... That's also a quote...


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