Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SMOKE FROM A DISTANT FIRE ...musings on a night too hot to channel real strange beings.. 6/17/14

this is blue. the letters, i mean. blue is cool and no capitals, because capitals convey 'heat.' can't channel our usual paranormal vampires, zombies, ghosts and all. the temperature makes it hard to focus. also, i'm drinking so much iced tea, i run to the toilet every fifteen minutes and that sort of makes me forget where I am narratively..  i want cold vanilla almond milk and cereal...(this is where I take a break to eat some. you won't actually 'see' the break, but ~~>> (this) represents it.... i had two bowls... i asked the girl who works at the market if it's possible to let the water evaporate out of almond mild and reconfigure the residue back into little almonds. bet they'd be real expensive. i'd like to see a big almond made from marzipan.

they say it's possible other complete universes might exist so far out in the infinite ether that we will never see their light

they say it's possible the 'big bang' in another universe might have resulted in one massive planet revolving around one humongous <~~~(scientific term) star. any people on the planet would look out at a completely dark and featureless void. when they exhaust the resources on their home world...they die.... no space flight (where would they go?).... no God in the sky (unless it's the daytime sky maybe)... no asteroids... and what if life had never appeared on that planet?... do rocks have souls?

also, what if (in our world) science finds a way to essentially banish death via biological, or digital means? someone will be 'the last person to die.' will they be revered, or pitied? will some people opt for 'natural death' anyway?... got a feeling some science fiction author's got a 'take' on this.

do you realize there are many universal forces we can't even explain yet...dark matter... dark energy and all that... but, at least, they've been observed... what about the ones we haven't even conceptualized yet?...(i'm still waiting for 'gravity waves.')

in some ways ants resemble alien intelligence. is it possible on a certain level, either mind to mind, or perhaps via the hive/colony intelligence, to communicate with them? (also a good science fiction premise.... imagine the book and later the movie --- ambassador to the queen)

too hot... gotta sleep... probably drink too much iced tea first... hope that tower fan helps a little bit.

this is already wednesday. in three days it'll be June 21st, the longest day of the year (though not necessarily the latest sunset...different things)... summer, even with the heat waves, is such a special time. it goes so fast. no sooner here than over. you know stores like target already got them 'back to school' decorations ready to roll any day now. but no matter what they say, september is still summer too.

Lerner and Lowe were right.


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