Monday, July 28, 2014


The largest human settlement inside the moon is Baby Philadelphia, a polity shepherded by Doctor Franklin much as he molded its Earthly counterpart. Artisans brought out in the early days made moon rocks into cobbles and moon mud into bricks, recreating an Oz-like, scaled down replica of The Quaker City. Colonial and Federalist town houses face narrow, tree lined streets. Ladies who lunch frequent the private dining club atmosphere of Old City Tavern. Actors trod the boards of jewel box-like theaters. Politicos weave their webs in smoky coffee houses. Thirty five thousand souls inhabit this artful confection, the same number as lived in 'The City' (original central district) during The Revolution.

Men wear knee britches. Ladies affect long skirts, though less crinolined than in the early days. Multi-paned, bow windowed shops vend all manner of things from basest necessities to dearest luxuries. Fine, genetically perfected horses carry swains to secret assignations. Rich, lacquered coaches drawn by metallic, automaton steeds pull the 'carriage trade' on their rounds. Some use traditional horses, or at lease the genetically perfected kind. But most phaetons and broughams prefer the more mechanistic variety. 

Doctor Franklin and his human, temporarily human and not quite human guests rode in one such arrangement... a dark red, hard polished coach pulled by four equally reflective, fully articulated, black, metal horses with keen, silicon 'eyes' and thoroughly computerized brains. His companions were quite entranced. 

Tomas (the former vampire, now temporarily human) observed everything and said - Doctor, some of these citizens have a strange cast... an indeterminate 'race.'if you will, I cannot pin it down. The eyes look too large... the skin too porcelain ... the features too clipped. And I saw a woman with a turbaned, silk coated monkey that seemed to laugh at her jokes???  What are they?

Off World, my dear boy.... aliens, or at least tinged with alien blood. We have that here. Some of the other settlements are more-or less people-ish. Close enough chromosomally to breed. You'll meet a few later. 

Sarah, the benevolent vampirina, asked about life-eaters (vampires) . She said - Will we meet any?..... But Doctor Franklin just smiled... And Luna, his vampirina-physician protegee, smiled too. 

Billy, their human in-house blogger, didn't catch all them Mona Lisa faces. He just wanted to know where you go to get those cool knee britches and if they come in suede.

Earth and her problems was far, far away. But Edith was down there... so was Baylah.

Next time we'll talk to them...


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