Friday, July 25, 2014


Got company tonight and I got to get up early.They don't understand 'creative' endeavors like blogging, writing or knotting lanyards out of gimp. Think books come printed from the factory and films come sealed in the can.


But here's an easy way to have a (hopefully) fun Vampire Wonderland scavenger hunt.

Google ANY WORD OR TERM YOU LIKE... then type 'by Billy Kravitz' after it... See what weird and pixilated hoo-ha's pop up.... From the ridiculous to the (some have said) sublime.

No, really. some DID say 'sublime.' I don't think English was their first language, but they DID say it.


Boiled Pasta by Billy Kravitz well, I just tried it and this one didn't work, but the other two did... make some up.
False Teeth by Billy Kravitz
Eleanor Roosevelt by Billy Kravitz 
SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION by Billy Kravitz <~~~ this one works real good. just tried it too.

try it. like Six Degrees Of Billy Kravitz..
boy, who'd a thunk it?

gotta go try some more.

also gotta go upstairs now and rouse one of the guests from his night terrors... Eerie in a dark house. (I work in a little sitting room, in a small pool of light from an old, iron floor lamp)

good night.
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