Saturday, August 9, 2014

A BEING NOT LIKE ANY OTHER... they engage the 4th dimensional being... 8/9/14

I must type fast. Actually,I type not, but think of what it is I want to remember and pass on. Yet the experience is very much like tapping keys. If I stop. If I think. The essence of what it is I want to record is lost. So please excuse any mistakes. I am not scribe, but witness. 

Why do I channel this? Why has it fallen to me? I don't know. I hear I (or a manifestation of me) exists in two worlds. I am here, in the story, with doctor Franklin and Sarah and Luna and Edith and Baylah and horsey Skeezix and the new non-decomposing zombies and the Red Paint People... all of them, even the three castes ( or flavors ) of wolf-folk. Ours is a varied and complex 'plain.'

And I also exist as the 'real' Billy who tweets on Twitter and eats Chinese buffets and loves new sneakers. Like a fun-house image I am, lost in a hall of mirrors. 

Doctor Franklin goes first. He walks into the cave, a rather ordinary opening, shrouded by vines, bushes and tree limbs, his face bathed in soft, dancing light. Tomas goes next. The Doctor whispers and he follows. But Franklin, in this instance, addresses him by his earlier, Hebrew name. He says 'Jonathon'... and the old being in the young body steps inside. Sarah takes his hand and goes with him. I go next. Then comes Luna. 

A cool, light dances over the rough, silvery walls. Moon 'rocks' look that way. Google them. You'll see.

Doctor Franklin nods toward the radiance, which resembles nothing so much as a fine, constantly changing, filigree of thin, coral-like spicuals... a delicate, moving tree emanating soft, undulating light. 

This is 'the beautiful emissary' - says Franklin. My friend from another place. I stumbled upon him one night during The Revolution, alone in my cellar with a primitive 'armonica'... not yet 'grand,' like the one we had at The Anti-Enchantment Bureau. He hears, or rather felt my song. his world knows harmonic science too... And we talked. Thus did I learn secrets... things about the British and the French and the Algonquin and the Iroquois ... Not with words. We spoke in different terms and his voice resonated in my bones. 

They the old reprobate refrained from addressing us and focused on the presence before us. 

Earth is in chaos - he said...( and I refer to the Doctor.) Religion means everything and faith means nothing. This exotic being sees that. He is there and he is here and countless other places too. I brought you here to escape that chaos. Indeed, I brought you here to save your lives. .... Jonathon, step into this tree of light... step into all that is before you. Go on. Don't be afraid. Do it.

And the thousand year old son of old Al Andalus did as he was told. His form grew indistinct and soft about the edges. And we all just watched.... The Doctor said - What do you see?..... I see everything - said the former vampire. I see creatures... human... not human... though none appear like him (referring to the 4th dimensional visitor)... and I hear voices, or rather I comprehend words... at least I hear them as words.

What do they say? - asked The Doctor...... But Jonathon just laughed... an innocent, soft laugh.

And then the light touched us all...

<more next time>... how do you think a 4th dimensional being, unlimited by time or space might look to us? please comment and share.


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